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Monday, 6 October 2014

6 October 2014. From the Russian Web… Have a Smile… Bonya and Kuzmich Mug Up a Nyusha Song

00 Bonya and Kuzmich. 13.08.14



Here’s a real song by Nyusha


I wrote earlier:

Bonya and Kuzmich are a parody duo from Perm… their vKontakte page is here. Have a smile… the days are evil, so, we need to laugh TWICE as much as we do in more normal times. This is a hoot… laugh good n’ hearty… isn’t this just like some of the better stuff on KVN? Have a care, kids…

We especially need levity at gut-wrenching times like this. There’s nothing wrong with it…



6 October 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This, Part Deux… The Mental State of the Ukraine Today Do You Know that the Ukrainian Language Came from the Planet Venus? (English subs)

00 Ukie fascists. 15.04.14


These guys ain’t goofing… they truly believe this shit


I didn’t think highly of the Galician Uniate ideology of “Consciousness” before… I think less of it, now. They’ve truly left the realm of the real world for fantasy land. These guys have access to the Dnepr Dams and the Chernobyl containment vessels… that should scare you. They’re not only stupid, they’re stupid fanatics, who’d pull things down just in spite. We DO live in a fallen world…


6 October 2014. Maymon’s Latest Lunacy… Wants All Priests to Retire at 65

00 Train Wreck of the OCA. 23.09.12


Mark Maymon is blundering from error to error… first, he wanted to shit on ethnic customs, then, he wanted to move (last that I heard, he was still in NEPA and oca.org reflects that), now, he wants to retire priests at 65, regardless of their physical and mental capacity. Will this be the typical Maymon Blunder, with a blustery “That’s not what I wanted to do?” This guy is clueless, but then again, he was a pet of the Fat One, and a proven disobedient nutcase in the Antiochians (he directly defied an order from Philip Saliba… the konvertsy ooh and aah over his “obedience”, which proves their mental incompetence for all the world to see). I see a pattern here… Maymon opens his piehole, gets his ideas shot down, and he slinks back into his hole, unchastened, until he comes up with another “idea”. Who voted for this asshat? NEPA used to be known for its solid good sense…


6 October 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… A Banderovtsy Azbuka

00 Banderovtsy ABCs. 06.10.14

The kids are wearing the Wehrmacht-style M43 Feldmütze in SS-grey… Nazi headgear, worn without shame and openly… ain’t that interesting? Where’s Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki, and Marie Harf? Your slips are showing, dears…


Click this. Scroll through it and look at it all.

This demented shit requires no commentary from me. This is what John Kerry and John McCain defend. This is what Stephen Harper and Andrew P W Bennett defend. This is what the Ukrainian Catholic, Ukrainian Orthodox, and Byzantine Catholic hierarchies defend (although, most Byzantine Catholic believers are pro-Russian, go figure). The Westerns and the papists drool over this and applaud. I’d say that tells us who’re our friends and who’re our enemies… no papist bishop or any “Evangelical” is our friend… we should act accordingly. What shall we do about such shameless pro-papist lickspittles like Michael Dahulich and John Jillions? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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