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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Russia Makes Large Order at Luganskteplovoz… ALL ABOARD For Socialism! ALL Craptialists… OUT!

00 lugansk locomotive works. 07.10.14


Today, for the first time after the siege of the LNR’s capital by the junta forces, all the departments of the Luganskteplovoz (Lugansk Locomotive Works) are up and running, even though more than 160 artillery and mortar shells hit the building. Because of restrictions on electricity, the plant only operates during the first and third shifts. This is due to damage to the main municipal power grid, but with the aid of the LNR Ministry of Industry, the works installed electric generators to supplement the main power supply. Andrei Cherevaty, the head of Luganskteplovoz, told the media, “During the shelling, our repair crews performed emergency repair work every day. Prior to the outbreak of hostilities, we employed 6,500 people, after some 300 retired. From 1 September, 796 jobseekers handed in applications”. Cherevaty pointed up that the works has orders, mostly from Russia, which allow it to continue operations. Next year, 2015, the plant expects to build 300 diesel locomotives for Russia.

7 October 2014




Russia makes real and substantial orders for its friends in Novorossiya. The USA/EU does NOTHING for its friends in Kiev, save for hot air (and issuing demands that Kiev shut down what remains of Ukrainian industry in the name of austerity and rationalisation). The peoples living in the notional “Ukraine” can see who their friends are and who their enemies are. The USA is a ravening enemy, one that only wants to rape the country… Russia is putting its back into helping the parts of the former “Ukrainian” state that are now free. It’s clear who’s naughty and who’s nice… interesting… the so-called “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are pitiless enemies of the Ukraine, in the end. They support the rape of the notional “Ukraine” by the West… and its internal subjugation by literal descendants of Nazis.

None dare call it evil…



7 October 2014. Sukkot Starts Tomorrow at Sundown

00.02a Sukkot. Ulyanovsk

Sukkah in Ulyanovsk


It’s Jewish holiday time again. During Sukkot, a week-long holiday, many observant Jews are especially keen on hospitality. If you get an invite… go! This is one of their “fun” holidays. To my friends keeping festival… sing and dance with joy (for Sukkot is a joyful time, even though it reflects on the serious side of life). Keep the faith…


RT Stepped in a Juicy Cowpat… Righties DON’T Give More to Charity… They Give Tons o’ Cash to Greasy Preachers and Tin Tabernacles… Get it Right



Here’s a crank article from RT… let’s keep it simple. The right doesn’t give more to charity… it gives more to religious cranks, which is another thing altogether. In short, this entire article is rubbish, as it has a flawed and cracked foundation… it equates charity with religious giving, which just isn’t so. Shame on you, RT… who put you up to writing this POS post? Righties do NOT help others… they put their money into their tin tabernacles… where the “preachers” live high off the proceeds. In short, it’s “anti-charity” of the foulest description. For instance, some sources listed Willy Romney’s forced “tithes” to the Moron Church as “charity”. That isn’t charitable giving… that’s a tax levied by a religious organisation… do note that the Church doesn’t do that… but “Evangelicals” do! That is, religious giving isn’t charitable in the least, and we shouldn’t treat it as such.

This time, RT struck out… and struck out badly.


OCA Midwest Diocesan Assembly Nominates Archpriest Paul Gassios as Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest


This Assembly was no democracy… the politicking went on for months beforehand… I’d been surprised if it wasn’t Gassios. It was your typical “managed” Russian-style Sobor, which shows that the delegates pushed the konvertsy to the side (and rightfully so).


On Tuesday, 7 October 2014, at a special Diocesan Assembly held at Archangel Michael Church in Broadview Heights [Greater Cleveland] OH, 103 clergy and lay delegates representing parishes throughout the OCA Diocese of the Midwest nominated Archpriest Paul Gassios to become the new OCA Bishop of Chicago and all the Midwest. The Assembly forwarded Fr Paul’s name to the Holy Synod of Bishops for canonical election. Bishop Alexander Golitizin of Toledo, Locum Tenens, opened the Assembly immediately after serving Divine Liturgy. For several months, Fr Paul served as Administrator of the Diocese of the Midwest. Raised in a Greek Orthodox family, Fr Paul became a member of the OCA in the mid-1980s.  He received a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and received a Master of Divinity degree from St Vladimir’s Seminary in 1994.  After his ordination, he served in the Diocese of the Midwest as rector of St Thomas the Apostle Church, Kokomo IN for 11 years and as rector of Archangel Michael Church, St Louis MO, for an additional seven months. In 2007, he transferred to the OCA Bulgarian Diocese and became Dean of St George Cathedral, Rossford [Toledo] OH.

7 October 2014

OCA Diocese of the Midwest



I got several replies from Midwest Cabineteers (including one via smartphone from the Assembly)… the tenor of the posts was, “He won’t turn out like Moriak did. To hell with the converts and their ignorance”. Does this presage a general return to Tradition on the part of OCA ethnic parishes (the convert parishes aren’t serious… they’re people playing at “Church”)? I don’t know… but one of the Cabinet said:

“All this took was one convert and another parish tradition is no more”.

The konvertsy had best step lightly… they’re no longer the darlings of the First Families… that is, if they ever were (have you noticed how detached from reality most konvertsy are?)…


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