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Sunday, 12 October 2014

12 October 2014. The Ukraine Shitcans ANOTHER Minister of Defence… There’s Been FOUR Since the Coup… With a Fifth to Come

00 the Ukraine. 1991-2014. 02.09.14


Read this. The Khokhol Junta in Kiev is getting ever more desperate. Since the Uniate fascist pigs seized power on 23 February, they’ve been in power for 233 days (as of Monday 13 October). The Ministry of Defence (arguably, the most important office in the government) has had FOUR heads, serving an average of 58 days apiece. Zamana was only in for less than a week… Admiral Tenyukh (the only competent member of this set) lasted less than a month after he subjected the inept American-Toady Triumvirate (Yatsenyuk, Turdchinov, and Avakov) to constant doses of acerbic “army mat” for their clueless interventions in the military (he also hated the American “advisors” of the Triumvirate and wasn’t silent about it)… Koval and Geletei each lasted a little over three months. The main qualification was that they be from the Western Ukraine (no one else believes in the disgusting fiction of “Ukrainian Nationalism”). Only Tenyukh had any ability… but he refused to “play nice” with the Americans and their toadies. Why? I floated this question amongst some friends of mine abroad and the answer was interesting. He’s a nationalist, but he’s also a patriot… he didn’t want to turn the country over to be raped by American Republican greedsters, as the junta does. As a man from Ufa who served in the Soviet Navy put it, “He was an honest and straight man who played no favourites. They got rid of him because he wouldn’t kiss the Americans’ ass”.

This is the problem… all patriotic-minded people know that the junta is the plaything of American Republican thieves, who want to rip the country apart in their constant search for energy resources… they gotta find fuel for their glitzy SUVs, dontcha know (the SUV is the perfect metaphor of the American Republican… inefficient, fuel-gobbling, full of unnecessary bells n’ whistles… a vehicle for the empty-headed and stupid… a perfect GOPmobile). There’s no “motivation” in junta circles… the Orthodox/Socialist patriots have it all.

The junta isn’t long for this world… they’re so obviously playthings of the Anglo American toddlers… no patriotic person wants anything to do with them (save for neo-Nazi fanatics). Sic semper tyrannis



12 October 2014. Papists Attacking Belarus… Is This in Concert with Langley, I Wonder?

00 Popeye with spinach 04.12 Don't mess with the Church


Read this. The Roman Curia is ramping up its attack on Holy Rus. One wonders if they’re doing in concert with Langley. Of course, the Curia has its own agenda… it wants to murder Orthodoxy and replace it with Catholicism. Mind you, this project is unknown to most RCs. They don’t know or support it. Don’t attack them. Uniatism is nothing but an empty shell emptied of all Orthodox content (save for the ritual)… the Curia replaces it with a Catholic consciousness (one can see this most starkly in the Galicians, but its true of most Uniates, save for the Maronites). However, pass the jug… this must mean that the Curia’s Galician Uniate attack dogs are failing. I’ve noticed that myself… most people who self-identify as “Ukrainian” aren’t as stupid, cruel, violent, and ignorant as the junta is. It’s a running Khokhol joke. The junta’s cluelessness is catching up with it. Everyone’s making bets as to when a coup will topple the junta… no one knows the “when”… but everyone just knows that it’s going to happen. Right now, the Ukraine is a legal fiction… the government controls nothing (the OSCE noted that the junta doesn’t control the armed bands it calls an “army”)… the currency is in freefall… there’s been two purges in the army (rumour says that a third is on the way)… there’s adulterated bread in the shops and rolling power blackouts… there’s a mass sacking of government workers in the pipeline. There are all the ingredients for an explosion… when you add in that the “army” doesn’t have loyalty to the state apparat, all the prospects for a bloody takeover are there.

You may support the junta… you may support “Ukrainian Nationalism”… however, you can’t deny that after seven months of Galician Uniate misrule, the Ukraine, which was never robust to begin with, is approaching a terminal stage. That’s why the papists are striking out at Belarus. Their ship is going down, and they want to hurt all those that they think contributed to that failure. However, the junta’s failure isn’t from external forces… it’s because Galician Nationalism is a noxious fable, a fairy-tale devoid of reality. When fable meets reality, it dissipates into smoke. That happened in Novorossiya. The Russian World exists… Holy Rus exists… Holy Russian Orthodoxy exists… “the Ukrainian World” and the Unia are disgusting artifices, cunning duplicates of the Real Thing, but unreal in their essence.

As I said, lift a glass and cheer! The papists are angry that their little scheme failed. God IS in His Heaven…


12 October 2014. A Friend in Donetsk E-Mailed Me…

00 My Praded was in the Konarmiya. 12.10.14


Well, in the last post, you saw what we should be against. Well… this is what we should be supporting. Support the patriot people of Novorossiya. The best way that you can do that is NOT TO VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE WHATSOEVER. The Republican Party supports the ravening greedsters who want to rape the Ukraine for their profit. They use the Galician Uniate terrorists as their bully boys… the Uniates were thugs for the Poles… they were thugs for the Habsburgs… they were thugs for the interwar White Poles… they were thugs for the Nazis… so, why is it surprising that they’re thugs for the Anglo Americans?

Stand up tall for Novorossiya. It’s the least that you can do. Remember, if you mark your ballot for a Republican, you kick people like Nazha and her family in the face. Ponder that…


12 October 2014. Video of Uniate Terrorist Takeover of Orthodox Parish in Lvov Oblast




This is proof positive that the Uniates are NOT our friends. People such as Freddy M-G and Vassa Larina who kiss Uniate ass are guilty, too. We must stand up and be heard. The bishops should hold those like Potapov, Paffhausen, Freddy M-G, Larina, Dreher, and Webster who support the enemies of Christ’s Church accountable. Their treason has helped the Uniate war criminals. Their treason has helped and encouraged the Anglo American enemies of the Motherland and of the Church. At the very least, the bishops should publicly reprimand these Mazeppas. Anyone who supports the Republican Party supports the Uniate war criminals… 26 Republican senators just sponsored anti-Russian legislation in the US Senate. Not one Democrat joined them. If you’re Russian Orthodox and you vote Republican, you’re a damned fool who supports those who thrust a knife full-force into the back of our Mother Church. No Russian Orthodox Christian in good conscience can vote Republican… they wish to do harm to Mother Russia and to Mother Church. They wish to aid the sworn enemies of Christ for the sake of filthy lucre. Pro-Life is as nothing compared to this.

Which side are YOU on?


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