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Sunday, 12 October 2014

12 October 2014. Papists Attacking Belarus… Is This in Concert with Langley, I Wonder?

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Read this. The Roman Curia is ramping up its attack on Holy Rus. One wonders if they’re doing in concert with Langley. Of course, the Curia has its own agenda… it wants to murder Orthodoxy and replace it with Catholicism. Mind you, this project is unknown to most RCs. They don’t know or support it. Don’t attack them. Uniatism is nothing but an empty shell emptied of all Orthodox content (save for the ritual)… the Curia replaces it with a Catholic consciousness (one can see this most starkly in the Galicians, but its true of most Uniates, save for the Maronites). However, pass the jug… this must mean that the Curia’s Galician Uniate attack dogs are failing. I’ve noticed that myself… most people who self-identify as “Ukrainian” aren’t as stupid, cruel, violent, and ignorant as the junta is. It’s a running Khokhol joke. The junta’s cluelessness is catching up with it. Everyone’s making bets as to when a coup will topple the junta… no one knows the “when”… but everyone just knows that it’s going to happen. Right now, the Ukraine is a legal fiction… the government controls nothing (the OSCE noted that the junta doesn’t control the armed bands it calls an “army”)… the currency is in freefall… there’s been two purges in the army (rumour says that a third is on the way)… there’s adulterated bread in the shops and rolling power blackouts… there’s a mass sacking of government workers in the pipeline. There are all the ingredients for an explosion… when you add in that the “army” doesn’t have loyalty to the state apparat, all the prospects for a bloody takeover are there.

You may support the junta… you may support “Ukrainian Nationalism”… however, you can’t deny that after seven months of Galician Uniate misrule, the Ukraine, which was never robust to begin with, is approaching a terminal stage. That’s why the papists are striking out at Belarus. Their ship is going down, and they want to hurt all those that they think contributed to that failure. However, the junta’s failure isn’t from external forces… it’s because Galician Nationalism is a noxious fable, a fairy-tale devoid of reality. When fable meets reality, it dissipates into smoke. That happened in Novorossiya. The Russian World exists… Holy Rus exists… Holy Russian Orthodoxy exists… “the Ukrainian World” and the Unia are disgusting artifices, cunning duplicates of the Real Thing, but unreal in their essence.

As I said, lift a glass and cheer! The papists are angry that their little scheme failed. God IS in His Heaven…


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