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Sunday, 12 October 2014

12 October 2014. The Ukraine Shitcans ANOTHER Minister of Defence… There’s Been FOUR Since the Coup… With a Fifth to Come

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Read this. The Khokhol Junta in Kiev is getting ever more desperate. Since the Uniate fascist pigs seized power on 23 February, they’ve been in power for 233 days (as of Monday 13 October). The Ministry of Defence (arguably, the most important office in the government) has had FOUR heads, serving an average of 58 days apiece. Zamana was only in for less than a week… Admiral Tenyukh (the only competent member of this set) lasted less than a month after he subjected the inept American-Toady Triumvirate (Yatsenyuk, Turdchinov, and Avakov) to constant doses of acerbic “army mat” for their clueless interventions in the military (he also hated the American “advisors” of the Triumvirate and wasn’t silent about it)… Koval and Geletei each lasted a little over three months. The main qualification was that they be from the Western Ukraine (no one else believes in the disgusting fiction of “Ukrainian Nationalism”). Only Tenyukh had any ability… but he refused to “play nice” with the Americans and their toadies. Why? I floated this question amongst some friends of mine abroad and the answer was interesting. He’s a nationalist, but he’s also a patriot… he didn’t want to turn the country over to be raped by American Republican greedsters, as the junta does. As a man from Ufa who served in the Soviet Navy put it, “He was an honest and straight man who played no favourites. They got rid of him because he wouldn’t kiss the Americans’ ass”.

This is the problem… all patriotic-minded people know that the junta is the plaything of American Republican thieves, who want to rip the country apart in their constant search for energy resources… they gotta find fuel for their glitzy SUVs, dontcha know (the SUV is the perfect metaphor of the American Republican… inefficient, fuel-gobbling, full of unnecessary bells n’ whistles… a vehicle for the empty-headed and stupid… a perfect GOPmobile). There’s no “motivation” in junta circles… the Orthodox/Socialist patriots have it all.

The junta isn’t long for this world… they’re so obviously playthings of the Anglo American toddlers… no patriotic person wants anything to do with them (save for neo-Nazi fanatics). Sic semper tyrannis



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