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Sunday, 12 October 2014

12 October 2014. Video of Uniate Terrorist Takeover of Orthodox Parish in Lvov Oblast




This is proof positive that the Uniates are NOT our friends. People such as Freddy M-G and Vassa Larina who kiss Uniate ass are guilty, too. We must stand up and be heard. The bishops should hold those like Potapov, Paffhausen, Freddy M-G, Larina, Dreher, and Webster who support the enemies of Christ’s Church accountable. Their treason has helped the Uniate war criminals. Their treason has helped and encouraged the Anglo American enemies of the Motherland and of the Church. At the very least, the bishops should publicly reprimand these Mazeppas. Anyone who supports the Republican Party supports the Uniate war criminals… 26 Republican senators just sponsored anti-Russian legislation in the US Senate. Not one Democrat joined them. If you’re Russian Orthodox and you vote Republican, you’re a damned fool who supports those who thrust a knife full-force into the back of our Mother Church. No Russian Orthodox Christian in good conscience can vote Republican… they wish to do harm to Mother Russia and to Mother Church. They wish to aid the sworn enemies of Christ for the sake of filthy lucre. Pro-Life is as nothing compared to this.

Which side are YOU on?



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