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Monday, 13 October 2014

13 October 2014. Why Aren’t the Banderovtsy Winning?

00 We've finally figured it all out. 13.10.14


With the deck stacked in their favour, the Uniate fascist junta keeps on losing. There are two principles that I live by, for if you don’t have them, you’ll get nowhere (and right quickly, too):

  • Ya gotta wanna
  • Ya gotta give a shit

It’s very clear from what’s happened since late February that two things are clear about the notional “Ukraine”:

  • Most people don’t want the Uniate fascist nationalist vision
  • Most people don’t give a shit about the Uniate fascist nationalist vision

In the last free and relatively honest presidential election (the one won by Yanukovich), Svoboda only got low single digits, except in the Lvovshchina. Even there, the Svoboda neo-Nazis didn’t win a majority… they got 38 percent of the vote. That means that 62 percent of Galicians… almost two-thirds… voted AGAINST the Uniate fascist pigs! Let me repeat that… ALMOST TWO-THIRDS OF GALICIANS VOTED AGAINST THE UNIATE FASCIST PIGS! That is, even in their stronghold, the Svoboda Uniate terrorists couldn’t win a majority! Keep that in mind, as Svoboda has monopolised the “power ministries” of the state since the coup. The Anglo Americans keep telling us that Svoboda represents most Ukrainian” people. THEY DO NOT. They don’t even represent most Galicians. A contact in Lvov told me some weeks ago:

First, Rukh, and then, Svoboda, terrorised people. They use the Uniate Church and the schismatics as their agents of control. They beat, torture or kill anyone who gets out of line. Let me tell you, the case of Rostislav Vasilko that you publicised isn’t rare and it isn’t an aberration. It’s how nationalists act… they’ve acted like that since 1991. My husband and I keep a low profile… we have Polish friends, so, they’ve probably afraid of hurting us, as foreigners would find out about it. We’re leaving… it’s not comfortable here if you’re real Orthodox. We’ve packed and we’ll leave as soon as my husband winds up some business.

By the way, they left for Warsaw via the passes in Podkarpatskaya (a friend helped them over mountain paths) and they’re safe in the Rodina now. This is why the junta is failing… the “Ukraine” is an openly terrorist state that beats, tortures, and kills all dissidents. No one cares about the junta and no one wants it. The Americans have backed a loser. Give Langley credit… I think that they realised that they got gulled by diaspora fanatics (White Poles, Galician Uniates, some White Russians (Potapov comes to mind), Balts, and Croats). Do note how lukewarm the Anglos have become about their protégés. In essence, they’ve abandoned them to their fate and Poroshenko knows it. Note well that Yuliya the Landshark is AWOL… Tyagnibok is mostly in the Lvovshchina preparing his bolthole. What do they know that we don’t?

The so-called “Ukraine” is choking out its last breaths, and the USA really doesn’t give a shit and it really doesn’t want to help them. In a way, it’s sad… however, to be frank, when the “Ukraine” sinks, all sorts of Uniate/schismatic nationalists will come to the USA and Canada, bringing their bitterness, hate, and racism with them. It’ll be hell for us here… do have a care… these people aren’t well-wrapped and they’re violent… sadly, most Uniates/schismatics won’t lift a finger to help their targets. This is something that I’ve never understood. Most people who self-identify as “Ukrainian” (for there really isn’t such a nationality) are honest, sober, hardworking, and straight people who wouldn’t harm anyone… this is especially true of the cohort whose people came before 1914. Yet, they allowed “gun-runner” Ukies to run roughshod over them. My surmise is that the nationalists are as violent and brutal in the diaspora as they are in their homeland (perhaps, even more so).

The junta is losing because terror has its rewards… terror breeds apathy, unwillingness, sullenness, and disloyalty. “The Soviets never treated us this way”… that’s why Comrade Stalin is LOVED in the Ukraine. Compared to the Uniate terrorists, he’s an angel. Do think on that…



13 October 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… International Girl’s Day. 2014

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. International Girls Day. 2014


Girls come in all shapes, sizes, colours, moods, and temperaments… there is no more a “standard woman or girl” than there is a “standard man or boy”. There is NO “one size fits all”. Both the radical feminists and the “family focus” people get it wrong… femininity is real, so you can’t hem it in with ideology, so, don’t let the rants of either extreme bother you. Keep on keepin’ on and keep it focused…

This made me think of two particular gals of my acquaintance… keep it together and don’t the bastards grind you down… be good!


13 October 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from the Front…

00 novorossiya. sitrep map 12.10.14


The truce has held mostly… as both sides want it. Poroshenko is trying to hold on to power… that’s more important than the war is. The patriots are preparing for winter, putting damage right, and resting, refitting, and building up their forces. In any case, operations are out of the question due to the rasputitsa, the muddy season. Active operations will probably recommence after the first frosts, after the ground hardens. I’ll say this, time is AGAINST the junta. In any case, their American patrons have nothing to give them… it was all given away to lazy wealthy drones in the Bush tax cuts. The active campaigns in the Russian Civil War passed between 1918-20, with the main operations in 1919 and 1920. if this follows that pattern, there may be a climactic campaign next year. No, kids, it ain’t gonna go any faster. The blood will flow because that’s what the Republican Party wants (do attend to the speeches of McCain, Rubio, Cruz, Romney, and McConnell). Do you really want to mark your ballot for such demonic evil? Do think on that.


VV MVDU Kiev-2 Battalion Deserted from Zone of Operations in Novorossiya

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. A Farewell to Arms. 2014



The so-called “Lugansk Oblast OGA*” cited here isn’t a real government body… it’s a shadow entity set up by the junta to hoax people into thinking that it has control in Novorossiya. Of course, that isn’t true… however, that’s par for the course for Galician Uniate nutters… fable is reality… fiction is truth… black is white… Nazis are honourable. Don’t dwell on it, kids… these creeps are like that, and they refuse to change. Don’t waste your time on them.


*OGA: Oblast State Administration, the operational offices of an oblast, not the political structure


Zerkalo Nedeli reported, citing Gennady Moskal, the so-called head of the “Lugansk Oblast OGA”, the Kiev-2 Special Purposes Battalion of the VV MVDU deserted from the zone of operations in Novorossiya because it wasn’t under the Minoborony Ukrainy, but under the MVDU. Moskal said, “MVDU troops from Poltava and Sumy Oblasts, as well as the VV MVDU Kiev-2 Battalion, which was previously attached to the Kievan Rus Battalion near Chernukhino, just fled from the front”. He noted that some of the men lasted for a week, whilst others scampered after only a day at the front, abandoning their equipment. Moskal appealed to Vitaly Yarema, the so-called junta “Genprokurator Ukrainy” to open a legal case against the deserters and bring them to justice. Earlier, Zerkalo Nedeli reported that the junta issued the Kiev-2 Battalion faulty bullets and non-exploding grenades.

10 October 2014

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