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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 October 2014. Are Poroshenko and Clan Balogh on a Collision Course?

00 Igor Kolga. The Ukrainian Government. 2014


Everyone is aware of the “resignation” of the junta’s “Defence Minister”. Not so many are aware that V V Geletei was a close crony of V I Balogh, godfather of Clan Balogh and former (literal) partner in crime of P A Poroshenko. Clan Balogh is the main criminal group in Podkarpatskaya, and V I Balogh is of Magyar nationality (he’s been seen in Hungary lately… for what reason, no one knows). After all, he did stuff ballot boxes for his former compadre in the last election… but got fucked in return. One of Porsoshenko’s aides in Zhitomir (or was it Vinnitsa? The word on the street cites both) was found dead in his car after Poroshenko reneged on his promise to make Balogh a Deputy Prime Minister. This is more interesting than Geletei’s resignation, frankly speaking… it means that Poroshenko is making big-time enemies. That’s not conducive to a long and healthy life. I I Tenyukh and M V Koval were both competent professional soldiers… the junta shitchanned the former for dissing the Triumvirate (Yatsenyuk Turdchinov, and Avakov)… it shitcanned the latter for no reason, just to make way for Geletei. The Triumvirate had shunted him to the side in any case… sadly for them, for Koval was a Sov-trained paratrooper who knew which end was up (but he didn’t curse out the powers-that-be like Tenyukh did, which argues for brains on his part). Remember Geletei’s boast that he’d hold a victory parade in Sevastopol? That didn’t happen, did it?

The new “Defence Minister”, S T Poltorak, is an old crony of Turdchinov’s… the two ran the Extraordinary Rendition torture programme for the Americans. This means that the Triumvirate has reduced Poroshenko to a figurehead and the Triumvirate now rules what’s left of the Ukraine with Nuland’s blessing. Note well that this “resignation” occurred whilst this witch was in Kiev. I still find it interesting that Nuland, a Jew, supports anti-Semitic fascist filth. It tells you much of her character, doesn’t it? The Anglo Americans now pull the strings openly…

What does that tell you about such Orthodox sorts as Potapov, Paffhausen, and Dreher who support the Republican enemies of the Motherland? They seem to have the same level of character as Nuland… sad, ain’t it?


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