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Sunday, 26 October 2014

26 October 2014. A Photo Essay… Gorlovka Stands Ready for the Uniate Pig Assault

00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 01. 26.10.14


00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 02. 26.10.14


00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 03. 26.10.14


00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 04. 26.10.14


00 novorossiya. soldier. gorlovka 05. 26.10.14


Gorlovka stands ready to face the expected Uniate pig sucker-punch. As one friend of mine put it, “We’ll settle scores with the Uniate and Protestant pigs after the war’s over. They’ve helped the junta and attacked good people. They have to go. They can become Orthodox like normal people are or leave. That’s fair… they don’t like us and our religion, so, they should go somewhere where we aren’t”. The UGKTs Uniates outside of Galicia are all carpetbaggers… they’re NOT natives. We should send them back to their noisome little backwater and let them rot. They glorify the Nazis, after all… their hero I I Slipy blessed the SS (the Sovs had him in the camps for good reason… he was a vicious and unrepentant traitor and enabler of fascism).

Let them go to Galicia and live under the Poles (for that’s what’ll happen in the end)… they’re more Polish than Russian, any road… they’re not of us, not like the Little Russians are and the Russians from the Crimea and Novorossiya are. They’ve chosen to kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass… that’s their choice. However, they should do so outside of Holy Rus… we can’t afford such traitors in our midst. The tsarist state was right in outlawing the Unia, as was the Soviet state… any future state would be prudent to do likewise. You don’t clasp vipers to your breast… you kill them (that is, expel them). That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s the way that it always should be.


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