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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gun Nutters Hold Provocative Rally in St Louis MO… Brandish Arms on Public Streets… IRRESPONSIBLE

00 Fan Jianping. Gun Control in the USA. 2008


Read this. This was too much… gun nutters marching through the public streets with loaded firearms. I’m not against registered hunters owning long arms… I’m not against rural folk keeping the weapons that they NEED for pest control and hunting… I’m not against people having licences for concealed carry. Thank God, nothing happened. Events of this sort attract the loosely wrapped ignorant… they want to flash their guns before the world. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the same as exhibitionists who’d want to walk in public with their wazoos hanging out. These people were looking for trouble… as I said, thank God, nothing happened. Restrictions on open carrying in public places makes sense… anyone who’s against them is a lawless and amoral individual who shouldn’t be let near anything sharp or dangerous. We do live in a crank world… pass the jug…



Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya to Switch to Moscow Standard Time (MSK)



The Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya introduced a modified standard for timekeeping, switching to Moscow Standard Time (MSK) effective 26 October. Novorossiya used to be in the same time zone as Kiev, which is one hour behind MSK. The LNR and DNR governments passed the necessary legislation to put this into effect.

26 October 2014



26 October 2014. Vox Pop on Podkarpatskaya

00 carpatho-russian. 06.08.14


Carpatho-Russians are a unique and distinct people… very different from all other Russians, yet, carrying the essence of Holy Rus perhaps better, and more authentically than all the others do. Our language is the closest to Church Slavonic. Our cuisine is in many ways more in line with New Rome (Byzantine Empire) (spices, flavours, etc). Our dance is Balkan. Our Faith is a distinct but solidly established strain of Russian Orthodoxy. No one else can absorb us. It’s impossible. We are what we are. “Da živet Karpatskaja-Rus!”/”Carpatho-Russia LIVES!” THIS is what we say. A Carpatho-Russian knows another Carpatho-Russian a mile away. If we’re too small to be a nation, we’re something better… a tribe… or better yet, a family. We’ll endure, survive, and thrive. We WILL accuse our many cruel persecutors on the Last Day.


I have nothing to add, not being “of the tribe”. THIS is why I treasure the Rusin people so and stick up for them at every juncture. “Rusins lived… Rusins live… Rusins will live”… ‘nuff said…


26 October 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words…Uniate Filth Robbing Civilians in Kramatorsk

00 kramatorsk. ukrainian army looters. 26.10.14


The Galician Uniate hillbillies are robbing the civil population in Kramatorsk, besides doling out violence as they please. Galicia is the poorest and most backward section of the notional “Ukraine”… Novorossiya was the richest and most advanced part. It would be like stereotypical Appalachian mountaineers being let loose to prey on people in Pittsburgh. I’d say this though… I think that the Appalachian folks would show more restraint, dignity, and character than the Uniates do. After all, many of these Uniate “soldiers” are the sons of UPA terrorists. The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree…


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