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Saturday, 1 November 2014

1 November 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Accurate Sanctions”

00 Accurate Sanctions. 01.11.14


This is a popular exhibition of political cartoons… “Accurate Sanctions”. When you compare B H Obama’s popularity with that of V V Putin… there’s no comparison. Ponder this… ALL of the Republicans are even lower than BHO is! Wet Willy Romney and Ted Cruz are even lower in stature and smarts than BHO is (don’t forget Cruz’s outburst at the Arab dinner… he hates us, and that’s that). Trust me… thousands of Americans would agree with this cartoon… and vote for V V Putin for President. He’s certainly head n’ shoulders above all the possible Democratic and Republican candidates… they’re ALL putzes… everyone of ’em!

Pass the jug…



Huge Military Convoy Seen in Donetsk

00 donetsk 02. 07.06.14




Today, a huge military convoy moved through Donetsk. What is it, kids? Are they reinforcements to safeguard the elections, preparations for an offensive, or humanitarian aid from Russia? The Khokholi, not surprisingly, when they saw this stuff, say that the katsapy* are building a Death Star, and that Darth Vader is an FSB agent. What do you think? My opinion is that it’s reinforcements to face the expected attack tomorrow. Many sources predict that the bandits might launch an attack tomorrow on Donetsk; therefore, positions near the capital require strengthening.

*katsap: pejorative for Russians used by Galician Uniate hillbillies

1 November 2014




Constantly, Galician hillbillies scream obscenities (and worse) at us… yet, they squeal if we ever use “Khokhol”… fair is fair… for many years, you’ve been calling us “katsap”, “vatnik”, and “Moskal” (and you expect to get off scot-free with no consequence). The shoe pinches when it’s on your foot, doesn’t it? I’d point up that there’s no Russian equivalent of the murders of the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa… we’re not terrorist murderers like the UGKTs/UPTs-KP UPA filth. After all, they lionise S A Bandera… a convicted murderer, a heartless mass killer… that’s like making Ted Bundy a national hero! That’s what they mean by Glory to the Heroes… that is, Glory to the CriminalsGlory to the Collaborationist TraitorsGlory to the Killers of Innocent Kids and Old Folks. Bite the coin… there be counterfeits out there.


1 November 2014. From the Russian Web… As It Was, As It Is, As It Ever Shall Be!

00 Tsar Nikolai Pavlovich. 01.11.14


When I saw something like the above on the Russian web, I knew that I had to “English” it and bring it to you. Thanks to Google Image Search and PhotoShop, I was able to recreate what I saw. This IS truth…

The “Ukraine” is a legal fiction that doesn’t reflect reality. Great Russia is an undoubted reality… as is Malorossiya, Novorossiya, the Lvovshchina, Belarus, and Podkarpatskaya Rus. All of them (and more) make up Holy Rus.. which isn’t “Russian”… which isn’t “Ukrainian”… which isn’t “Byelorussian”… which isn’t “Rusin”… it’s all of them… it’s a unity that’s greater than the sum of its parts. No… Great Russians aren’t the “dictators” of Holy Rus… we’re merely the largest group within it (which is something else entirely). All of us have something to bring to the table… each party has an indispensable piece of the puzzle. There are no “low Russians” nor “high Russians”… those who think in such terms miss the entire point of it all. There is one Orthodoxy that shines forth in myriad ways… that’s something that we Great Russians must acknowledge. There is one Orthodoxy that shines through all the differences… that’s something that the Little Russians and Rusins must acknowledge. That is, we’ll have unity, both religious and secular, when we understand that the only path to it is mutual humility. Shall we realise it? That’s up to you…

As it was, as it is, as it ever shall be!


“The Times” of London Publishes a Fake!

00 The Times of London. sorry-ass propaganda. 01.11.14_______________________________

British oldie The Times acts the ass! Look at the photo, which illustrated the article about the parliamentary elections in Ukraine! The photo has the following caption… “More than five million people couldn’t vote as they were in the territories held by pro-Russian separatists”. As far as I understand, they guy in the helmet armed with a machine-gun is a pro-Russian separatist, and a woman in the Moslem dress is the embodiment of the much-suffering women in Donbass, whom the terrible “pro-Russian” separatists force to wear hijabs. Just in case, I present a picture from the timeline of the Associated Press. The photographer who took the photo is Mukhtar Khan; he took it in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. As you see, the picture has nothing to do with the Donbass, nor with the Ukrainian election.


By the way, Mr Khan took the snap in Srinagar (sorry for this intimate detail).

29 October 2014

Vladimir Kornilov

blogger and political analyst from the Donbass

Novorossiya TV News



This is par for the course for Western “coverage” of the given situation. Note well that the author of the piece stayed in Moscow, and didn’t go to Lugansk or Donetsk to find out things for himself. It certainly speaks poorly of The Times editorial staff… exposing them as lazy and ignorant charlatans. Then again, that’s common of the Western media in general, isn’t it? Of course, we Orthodox know that… all that we have to do is to look at Victor Potapov, Freddie M-G, and Rod Dreher to see world-class media phonies in action. Take this drivel posted by Dreher in 2010:

They all did it… by which I mean virtually the entire hierarchy is complicit to a greater or lesser degree in shuffling child-molesting priests around, or keeping them in some way in a position to commit their crimes. Why? Clericalism. The clerical class is what mattered most to these people, not the children and their families, to whom they were functionally indifferent… if anybody thinks Pope Benedict should resign, they should sober up and understand that there is almost certainly nobody under him who is untainted by this thing. This was the way the hierarchy operated for a very long time. At least, this current pope seems to have at long last been enlightened about the scope of this catastrophe, but he isn’t doing enough to make it right. What is it going to take?



Do note Mr Dreher’s silence about Feodosy Lazor… Pierre l’Huillier… Gleb Podmoshensky… Seraphim Storheim… the SVS pigs and their coverup of Eric Iliff’s death. There are interesting stories about his pal Dmitri Royster, too (I’ll simply say that they’re out there… believe them or not as you will… but Dreher was silent, fancy that). It puts a whole new spin on his rant, doesn’t it? The above is the same kind of shit that The Times is peddling about the Ukraine. In both cases, there’s a reckless disregard for the facts. This is truly too much of a muchness… do hand me the jug… I do know the crankness of the world, but must we see it at every turn?


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