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Monday, 3 November 2014

3 November 2014. Whilst the People Shiver in Kiev… Klichko Parties in Israel

00 Vitali Klichko in Israel. 03.11.14


The above image of Vitaly Klichko partying in Israel is a supreme illustration of the utter and bottomless contempt that the Uniate junta has for common people. As the people suffer in their cold apartments, he goes off and parties in Israel… he has the money, so, under Free Market Crapitalism, he’s better than the rest of us are. That’s what Rush, Rod, Ann, and Bill would tell us. We should be happy that we get what we do… they could cut us off, dontcha know… we have to kiss their asses as they’re our betters! You can see why the Republican Party supports the junta wholeheartedly… it acts like the GOP on steroids (like Anglo Texas pols on any given day… they’re  the benchmark of corruption, violence, and depravity in the USA… they make Cook and Hudson Counties look absolutely pristine in comparison). The  US Republican Party is the mouthpiece of the Affluent Effluent, so, it’s not a surprise that they’d support narcissistic sludge like Klichko. The Uniates support him, too… it tells you much about their character, doesn’t it? Just when you thought that you couldn’t think lower of someone…



Lvov to Turn Off Heat to Apartments on 4 November

00 Winter 2015. Those Moskali aren't freezing-26-06-14.jpg


On 4 November, according to sources in the Lvov Gorsoviet, the authorities in Lvov will suspend heating apartment buildings due to an increase in ambient temperatures, noting, “Suspending heating supply would allow us to avoid wasting gas, and, consequently, save gas, and accordingly, save our customers’ money. After 1 July 2014, we increased rates for heat”.

3 November 2014




Here are predicted temps for Lvov:

Tuesday 4 November: 15/7 (59/45 F)

Wednesday 5 November: 16/8 (61/46 F)

Thursday 6 November: 17/9 (63/48 F)

Friday 7 November: 15/11 (59/52 F)

Saturday 8 November: 16/11 (61/52 F)

Sunday 9 November: 14/8 (57/50 F)

Monday 10 November: 16/8 (61/46 F)

Tuesday 11 November: 15/8 (59/46 F)

That is, the cutoff of heat will make people uncomfortable… however, from the point of civil unrest, uncomfortable people are worse than destitute people are… mere survival absorbs the destitute, but the uncomfortable are the sorts who participate in Maidans! In short, the junta’s looking for trouble. I looked at temps for Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kiev for Tuesday 4 November:

Donetsk: 3/-2 (37/28 F)

Lugansk: 2/-3 (36/27 F)

Kiev: 9/0 (48/32 F)

Even in Sevastopol, it won’t be as balmy as Lvov, it’ll be 12/3 (54/37 F) there. This means that the junta is running out of gas, and that it’s doing all that it can so as not to provoke the Kiev mob. They think that the rabble in Lvov is more tractable (that’s how the oligarch Uniate junta views common folk)… we shall see, won’t we?


2 November 2014. Is a REAL Ceasefire Part of the Gas Deal Between Russia and the Ukraine?

01 fishy poker game


00 Donetsk Republic 01 1918. 04.06.14


I’ve not posted yet as I’ve watched events and I’m gathering intel from my (limited) contacts. Everyone’s convinced that a Uniate junta sucker-punch is on the way… “When we let down our guard, the bandits will strike”. Yet, as for solid evidence, THERE IS NOTHING. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NOTHING SOLID OUT THERE TO HANG ANYTHING ON. Anything that you see in the media and on the net is irresponsible and ungrounded guesses. They know no more than I do… and I have NOTHING solid to give you. Stratfor’s analysis is always crank, of course… you’d do well to remember that they don’t have much more in the way of real resources than I do. They do have some middling business and bureaucratic contacts (just as I have some low-level correspondents)… that’s all. NO SIGINT… NO ELINT… NO HUMINT… NO NOTHING. I point this up as many rightwing bloggers are repeating their “conclusions” as gospel truth… they’re not. They’re speculations… biased towards material that’ll “sell” in the marketplace. They’re not real intel operators… they’re snake oil salesmen, nothing more.

The most interesting guess that I got from a contact was that a real ceasefire was part of the gas deal between Russia and the Ukraine. There’s nothing out there to back this. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t so, but it does mean that it’s an interesting comment, not a probability (although it does seem like the sort of thing that Vova would demand, and he does have the whip hand). What we do know is that a major convoy moved through Donetsk on Saturday and that the RF Gosduma recognised the Novorossiya elections. There’s been skirmishes near Gorlovka and the Donetsk outskirts and the VSN reports slackening resistance near Mariupol. A former Natsgadi thug elected to the junta Rada threatened terrorist actions in Russia, but Russia can pay back the junta tenfold for any such folderol. However, if the fanatics leave Novorossiya to “march on Kiev” à la Mussolini, they’d abandon not only the LNR and DNR, but all of Novorossiya (that is, the territory under the Krivoi Rog and Odessa People’s Republics in 1918). The “Ukraine” would shrink to the territory held by the so-called UNR in 1918 (with Poland, Romania, and Hungary jumping in to grab what they consider theirs… American protests would be bootless, and Russia would be the gainer). In short, the situation is so volatile that no one knows anything with certainty. Do have a care… there be wooden nickels in your change.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. Break out the cards and deal out a hand of pinochle… that’s all that we grasshoppers can do at the moment…


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