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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sailors of the Pacific Ocean Fleet Paid Homage to the Heroes of Tsushima

Sinking of the Battleship Borodino


During their passage of the Korea Strait near Tsushima islands, ships of the Pacific Ocean Fleet (TOF-MF), the destroyer Admiral Vinogradov, replenishment tanker Ilim, and ocean tug MB-37, honoured the sacrifice of the sailors who fell in the bloody battle in May 1905 of the 2nd Pacific Squadron of Vice-Admiral Z P Rozhdestvensky with a Japanese fleet under Marshal-Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō. The Russian ships stopped at the site of ​​the tragic battle. On all ships, the crews held patriotic rallies and memorial services. Then, sailors lowered a wreath into the ocean from the Admiral Vinogradov. Transiting the Sea of ​​Japan, the ships’ crews practised manoeuvring as part of a task force. Besides this, the Admiral Vinogradov held unit exercises for its antiterrorist unit. The crews also carried out damage control exercises. At present, the ships are in the East China Sea, continuing their exercises and patrols.

3 November 2014

Minoborony Rossii official website



“Rozhdestvensky” (вице-адмирала Зиновия Рождественского) is the spelling used by the Minoborony… some other sources use “Rozhestvensky”. You pays your money and takes your choice, I guess…


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