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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Howie Hawkins Looks Toward a Green Future After Historic Night



It was a red dawn in the New York State Senate and across America, but voters here were also seeing plenty of green. Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for governor, won 5 percent of the vote last night… a historically high number for a third-party candidate and enough to move the Green Party up the ballot, to Row D, for the next four years. In a conference call with reporters today, Hawkins promised to help build the party in a way to run competitive elections across the state in the coming years, saying, “I think it’s safe to say we’re the third-party in New York politics. Only the three of us, Democrats, Republicans, and Greens, got that ballot by running our own candidate. The election was one event and the politics is a process that continues”.

Hawkins was taking a dig at the numerous third parties in New York who cross-endorse candidates, like the left-wing Working Families Party or hard right Conservative Party. Hawkins won more votes on his Green Party line than Governor Andrew Cuomo did on the WFP line, allowing the Green Party to leapfrog the WFP on the ballot… a relevant accomplishment on a ballot jam-packed with many minor parties. Hawkins said that he’d go back to the donors who funded his gubernatorial bid to tell them to contribute to the Green Party so they can build the field organisation needed to compete against Democrats and Republicans. After running a more bare-bones symbolic campaign four years ago, Hawkins was able to pay for staffers and operatives this time around to vastly improve his vote total. Pointing to liberal New York City as a place where the Greens can grow, he said, “We want to organise county organisations in every county. I was talking with our supporters in Bronx County. Turnout there is so low and the perception of party insiders in the Bronx is they feel they can run good candidates”.

Hawkins, a Syracuse resident, wouldn’t rule out another run for governor, but insisted that the party has a deep bench of candidates. He also said that he’d continue to advocate on several core issues… more funding for public schools, a higher minimum wage, and a ban on hydraulic fracturing… in the next legislative session. He said that he was still open to an alliance with the WFP, which is also trying to strengthen the political left in New York State and resents Cuomo. However, his campaign manager, Ursula Rozum, cut in to point out that he’d offered himself as a candidate on their party line this year and was rebuffed. Hawkins said, “What we’ll have to do is get more Green voters”.

5 November 2014

New York Observer



What’s amazing is how little coverage the Hawkins achievement is getting in the corporate media. Of course, Fox is ignoring it… so did Rush… nothing on CNN… nothing on MSNBC… I just googled “Howie Hawkins”. Remember, the most effective form of censorship is simply not to mention something… “It wasn’t reported… it didn’t happen”. This knackers all the commentary in the mainstream media… as does the decisive defeat of Prop 67 in Colorado. The Republicans did NOT gain a decisive victory. The Dems gave up early and conceded the election. It’s almost as though they WANTED a GOP-controlled Congress… to stymie the GOP in 2016. I don’t think that’s what happened (it has the redolence of “conspiracy theory” thinking about it)… I think simply that they were buffaloed. However, there’s time for the Prez and his team to formulate a strategy. After all, no bill becomes law without the Prez’s signature.

The Hawkins achievement and the Prop 67 defeat are a beacon for 2016… the Right did NOT steamroller the Left. The Repugs are chortling now… what’ll they do when the Prez vetoes their initiatives? The USA isn’t a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, after all…



5 November 2014. US Republican Party Rants About “Harder Line with Russia”… It’s Time for Orthodox to Oppose the Theomachistic GOP

Vasili Nesterenko. The Oath of Prince Pozharsky. 2008

The Oath of Prince Pozharsky

Vasili Nesterenko


Nesterenko is an Honoured Painter of Russia… and a communist! He’s one of the painters who worked on the reconstruction of the Khram Spasitelya in Moscow. The Holy Church stands for the Left… The Right is AGAINST what the Holy Church stands for… any questions?


Some Republican Know Nothings are ranting that the USA should take a “harder line with Russia”. Well, the US Republican Party supports the Baltic and Ukrainian neo-fascist racists… there’s no getting around it. Therefore, any Orthodox Christian who supports the Republican Party supports the enemies of Holy Rus… do you realise that you support the enemies of Holy Orthodoxy? Here’s your choice… you can stand with the US Republicans and their insane dreams of global hegemony, or, you can stand up for Holy Rus and its defence of Tradition and Faith. Don’t mewl to me about “Pro-Life!“ These so-called “Pro-Lifers” support the Uniate murderers in the Donbass… full stop! You can stand for Holy Rus and the Holy Church or you can stand for the Mammon-worshipping GOP and its heretic Evangelical minions. That IS the choice. There is NO other one, kids.


Christ or the GOP… that’s the choice. Good or Evil… Jesus or the demons… it’s up to you… FOR NO MAN CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS!


VSN Destroys Junta Fuel Dump… Withdraws Successfully… Junta Claimed It Destroyed Them, But Gave NO Evidence as Usual

01 P P Gorely. Glory to the Hero Partisans, Weakening the Fascist Rear! 1941


On 4 November, VSN spetsnaz carried out a successful operation near ​​Kramatorsk, destroying a junta fuel depot. Observers in Slavyansk were able to see the flames. The junta forces alleged that they wiped out the group, but as is usual, they offered no evidence for what they said.

5 November 2014




Sources tell me that the Uniates are lying again. Do note that the US Republican Party and Stratfor take the Uniate lies at face value. Let’s see… the Uniates glorify the Nazi collaborators of the VOV… said collaborators helped the Nazis murder Jews… that means that the US Republican Party and Stratfor are enabling Holocaust Deniers! Fancy that… they expect us to take them seriously. Remember Ted Cruz and his abominable behaviour at the Arab dinner… the GOP hates us and what we stand for… for we won’t kiss their juvenile asses on demand. Do you really want ANYTHING to do with those who hate our ancestral Motherland, its time-honoured Culture, and our ancient Faith? Tells you much about the konvertsy, doesn’t it?


5 November 2014. Today is My Seventh Anniversary at This Post…

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01 Russian Happy Birthday Cat 3


01 Happy Birthday Russian Animal Party


Today is the seventh anniversary of Voices from Russia. To put it another way, it’s the beginning of the eighth year of publication. No matter which way you slice it, it ain’t chopped liver and it sure ain’t phony baloney! I’ve outlasted most of my early critics… I’ll probably outlast my present ones, as well. I’ve grown and matured in experience, technical skill, and (God willing) wisdom. As if you didn’t know, this blog is Left in politics (Socialism IS good), Traditional in religion (I’m Old School Russian Orthodox), and Pragmatic in social relations (do what you will in your own home, as long as it hurts no one else… you’re responsible for what you do; I’m responsible for what I do). My “numbers” keep climbing, but that’s not why I’m here. If I had NO followers, I’d still be here. I have something to say, and I’m going to have a go at it. I’m approaching the 1,000 mark in followers… that means that I have more of a responsibility to youse guys. I have the obligation to put out the best product that I’m able to produce. I keep learning every day… God willing, it shows in my work.

Most of all:


You’re the reason I stick around, kids. Keep it focused and keep it sane. I’ll be here as long as God gives me health and ability. May God bless… бог благословит!


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