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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

5 November 2014. Surzhik… The TRUE National Language of the Ukraine

Patriarch Kirill Ukraine 2010 01




“Ukrainian” isn’t the national language of the Ukraine. Surzhik is. Surzhik is a mixed dialect of Russian and “Ukrainian”… it’s more Russian in the eastern regions… it’s more “Ukrainian” in the west. However, the Uniate nationalists lie about its preponderance in the country. They HATE it. Yet, it’s what most people speak at home. One of the best-known users of Surzhik is Verka Serdyuchka. Yes, it’s a drag character. However, A M Danilko pointed up that he isn’t a transvestite outside of his public performances and that his long career as a drag queen hasn’t changed his personal life in any way, since Serdyuchka is simply a character and not a persona. He isn’t a Conchita Wurst… it’s for laughs… keep it focused and keep it in proportion. Bratya Gadyukiny also used a good deal of Surzhik, to give a rural flavour to some of their songs (plus, they pronounced Polish and Russian in the Lemko way). Surzhik is the Russian/Ukrainian equivalent of a “southern accent”… it’s used often to give a folksy down-home tone to performances and songs. Of course, it’s a real dialect, too… and like the southern accent, the real usage isn’t as extreme as the theatrical versions are (the same is true of “Brooklyn/Noo Joisy” accents in the USA… it’s for real, but it doesn’t sound like the Hollywood version, no sir).

That is, the propaganda line of the Uniates and schismatical Orthodox is pure horse hockey and undiluted bullshit. “Ukrainian” is only spoken in the extreme West… mostly, people speak dialects more or less infiltrated with Russian. That’s the truth of it.


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