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Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014. Not “All Quiet on the Novorossiya Front”… But Mostly Quiet

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There’s nothing major to report to you on the War of Liberation in Novorossiya. I refuse to waste your time on trivialities. There are some probes by junta forces, but one can’t say that the VSN “beat them back”, for they may have just been recon patrols. There’s a sense of watchful expectation… if there was real action, I’d work my ass off getting the intel out to you. All my reading of the media and all of my sources tell me that there’s nothing of major import going on. However, I’d say that Kiev is in a ferment, as there have been rolling blackouts, no hot water, reduced heat, and periodic brownouts in working-class districts (mustn’t discomfit the oligarchs, pols, and Uniate bishops, dontcha know). One reason why there’s no real action at the front is that Poroshenko is fighting for his political life in Kiev. Even the Rabbit has turned against him…

That’s the way of it for today…



6 November 2014. MERDE! French Farmers Show What They Think of Sanctions

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French farmers show the world what they think of sanctions against Russia. Merde! Literally… there IS a God in Heaven…


6 November 2014. Here’s Another Thing that the Pundits are Overlooking… Initiative 594

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Firstly, read this. Note the author… David Frum. You heard me right… David Frum. Yes… an anti-NRA piece written by DAVID FRUM. Note well that the rightwing punditocracy isn’t trumpeting about this… for it goes against their narrative for this election. Here is first major victory against the NRA… a political earthquake, really. Look at what happened Tuesday… the Greens emerged as a political force in New York State (and maybe the nation, as well)… Personhood failed in Colorado… the Dems handily won in PA… Al Franken beat the Koch Dollars… and the NRA received its first major setback in decades. That is, the “Republican Sweep” not only didn’t occur… it only resulted in control of the US Senate, which is bootless, as the Prez will veto all their lunacy. Congress already has an approval rating FAR below that of the Prez. His is 42 percent… theirs is 13 PERCENT. Let me repeat that… 13 PERCENT! If it goes much lower, it’ll be in single digits. The GOP has two equally distasteful options open to it. The first is to cooperate with the Prez… loons like Rubio and Cruz will scupper that. The second is to be obstructionist. Obstructionism led to the present abysmal approval ratings for the Congress… more of the same will shove their numbers truly into the shitter.

The GOP has a shitty hand to play this turn. Several spectres haunt the GOP… and oil prices are in the dumpster (their Big Oil sugar daddies won’t have the gelt to give them). Gun Control… Personhood… Anti-Fracking… if the trends continue, I wouldn’t want to be the GOP candidate in 2016. They’ll be left as the party of the Evangelical, the ignorant, and the racist… which would give them a permanent 25 percent national minority (but with control of the Southeastern USA). Will they dodge the bullet? I think not…


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