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Saturday, 8 November 2014

West’s “Ignorance” of Ukrainian Atrocities an Outrage

00 Bandera scum out! 10.05.14

Kick out the Banderist scum!


Today, buried 9 minutes into the latest edition of the Channel 1 news report on Russian TV, was a 23-seconds-long statement by Latvian Human Rights investigator Enorst Gronych, who declared on camera that he interviewed the people of a village recently evacuated by the junta’s repression forces who told him about “repeated cases of gang rapes of minor girls aged 12, 13 and 14 years old” by Ukrainian thugs. According to Gronych, this kind of pattern falls within the definition of “genocide”.

In fact, Russian TV channels have also reported mass graves, numerous cases of civilians pulled out of their cars and summarily shot, mass graves of people shot with their hands tied in their back, and tortures, tortures, and more tortures… systematic beatings, branding with swastikas, knife wounds, broken bones, head trauma, damaged kidneys are all apparently what any detained person (regardless of the reason for their detention) should expect from the Junta’s “liberators”. Furthermore, it‘s now apparent that about 50 percent of the Novorossiyan “prisoners of war” which are being exchanged for Ukrainian POWs under the terms of the recent ceasefire agreement aren’t combatants at all, but civilians seized for the sole purpose of exchanging them. It isn’t hard to imagine what truly happened to the missing 50 percent… most of them were tortured and shot by drunken Ukrainian thugs (in stark contrast, Ukrainian POWs were treated, washed, fed, clothed, and then given the choice to say in Russia or go back to the Ukraine).

For anybody familiar with Ukrainian nationalism and Ukrainian nationalists, this is hardly surprising.  Not only is that fully consistent with what happens in the rest of the junta-controlled Ukraine, it’s also consistent with the practise of Ukrainian nationalists of the times of Bandera and before. No, what’s amazing is the utter silence in the West about this.  For somebody like me who vividly remembers the loud and indignant protests of Western human rights NGOs, media, and governments over human rights violations in Chechnya, Bosnia, or Kosovo (including plenty of completely fictional ones!), it is amazing to see how “for some mysterious reasons” the Ukrainian atrocities seem to go unnoticed in the West. The very same West that’s absolutely outraged about the arrest of Pussy Riot activists and who seems to seriously believe that organising a “Gay Pride parade” in Moscow is a human right is apparently totally indifferent to the gang rape of 12-14-year-old girls. What does this say about the West, it’s values, it’s leaders, media, and people?

30 September 2014

The Saker

Russia Insider



As groups, the Uniates and schismatics have succoured the extremist nationalists for years. It’s time to make these institutions face the music for what they’ve done. All too often, good people kept their silence… evil triumphs when good men hold their tongues. In this case, allowing the “gun runners” (that’s how one UGKTs acquaintance of mine puts it) to run amok has stained these people’s reputations as a group. Shall they redeem themselves by rejecting these sorts? Only time will tell us…



8 November 2014. THIS is Why Potapov, JP, Dreher, S A Schmemann, S L Kishkovskaya, and Mattingly are PIGS… They Support the American “Conservative” Establishment that Approves THIS

00 donetsk funeral 01. 08.11.14


00 donetsk funeral 02. 08.11.14


00 donetsk funeral 03. 08.11.14


00 donetsk funeral 04. 08.11.14



As is well-known, American “conservatives” (such are actually Radical Right Neoliberals) support the Uniate filth murderers in the Ukraine. Indeed, there would’ve been no coup without the long and enthusiastic support of the US Republican Party in ousting V F Yanukovich, the last legit President of the Ukraine. Don’t believe the stories about his “corruption”… he was LESS corrupt than the Triumvirate (the Rabbit, Turdchinov, and Avakov) is… but the Triumvirate are pro-American running dogs, whilst Viktor Fyodorovich protected the canonical Church and allowed people to celebrate the Red Army and the Great Victory, not Bandera and the Nazi collaborationists (one can see why Potapov supports the US government in this… his clan were KONR pro-Nazi pig collaborators). Look at these images! If you voted for the Republicans in the last election, you helped kill these boys. If you voted for the Republicans in the last election, you fired the shells at their school and laughed. Some “Pro-Life” that is…


8 November 2014. Lyonyo to be Protopresbyter…

00 The First Families Recurring Nightmare 03.12


Here’s an announcement from Lyonyo Kishkovsky (one of the uncrowned “kings” of the Golden 400, or First Families):

Dear Friends:

Mimi and I would like to bring to your attention in a personal way two events this coming weekend. On Saturday, 8 November, at the Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Church of Our Lady of Kazan by Bishop Michael of New York, honors will be bestowed on the two priests of the parish… the jeweled cross for Fr John Bartholomew and the rank of protopresbyter for me. The greeting of the Bishop will be at 09.30 EST. The prayers for protopresbyter and jeweled cross will be read by the Bishop at the very beginning of the Liturgy. After the service, there’ll be a reception in the parish hall and church garden. On Sunday, 9 November, right after the Divine Liturgy (around 11.15 EST), we’ll celebrate a moleben for our daughter Sophia and her husband, Nicholas Sluchevsky, who were married in California on 26 October . Sonia and Kolya are with us this weekend. At the Sunday coffee hour, we’ll offer cake and champagne in honor of the newly-weds. No gifts, please. We’ll  be very happy if you can join us!

Fr Leonid

Note the smarmy “No gifts, please”… he wants everyone to know how “humble” he is. A truly humble man wouldn’t have written that… but he’s a typical First Family poseur. One wonders if Dickie Wood is going to tag along with Seraphim Gan, or whether he’s persona non grata. All the “people who matter” will be there. The rest of us peasants “can eat cake”. Ain’t that grand…


8 November 2014. Get Your Mind (and Soul) Right! The Winter Lent is Upon Us… Here’s are Some Hymns to the Most Holy Virgin and a Cherubic Hymn… Christmas Lent is on the Way

00.1bb A Point of Unity. Catholics woman praying. Basilica of the Virgin Aparecida. BRAZIL


My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord (the Magnificat). It sounds like New Roman chant sung in Staroslav. Sung at St Tikhon parish in Yaroslavl RUSSIAN FEDERATION


Ancient Old Russian Stolpvoy/Zanamenny chant harmonised by Irina Denisova. Херувимская песнь (Cherubic Hymn (Hymn of the Great Entrance) from the Liturgy). Sung at the St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk BELARUS. This is the most ancient Russian Orthodox chant form in existence.


Rejoice, O Ever-Virgin Bride! Sung at the Valaam Monastery in Republic of Karelia RUSSIAN FEDERATION


It’s My Choice! A Russian Orthodox multifilm (animation) sponsored by the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture… even if you don’t know Russian, watch it for the visuals. The best part is at 11:30… the peasant refuses to carry out the death penalty… now, that’s REAL Russian Orthodox! One note… if you voted Republican, you voted AGAINST the Russian government that sponsors such wholesome presentations. Crank world, ain’t it? Holy Rus or Greedy Mammon America… which one do YOU want?


The winter lent is almost upon us. Just as Easter has 40 days of abstinence preceding it… so does Christmas. Orthodoxy has four lents… the Great Lent, before Easter, the Christmas Lent, before Christmas, the Peter and Paul Lent, before the feastday of Ss Peter and Paul, and the Assumption Lent, in August before the feastday of the Assumption of the Virgin. Get in the mood, kids… there’s a season for celebration and a season for fasting… and a season of fasting is upon us. Keep it focused and keep it straight…


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