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Monday, 10 November 2014

10 November 2014. A Photo Essay… Images of the War of National Liberation in Novorossiya

00 novorossiya. civil war 01. 10.11.14

P A Poroshenko boasted that his soldiers would “parade in Donetsk”… they did, but as POWs of the patriots! As in the famous parade of Wehrmacht POWs in Moscow during the VOV, the street-cleaning trucks followed the bandits and washed the streets clean of their stink.


00 novorossiya. civil war 02. 10.11.14

One of the Russian trucks bringing in a load of humanitarian aid to the People’s Republics… it’s a new “Road of Life“.


00 novorossiya. civil war 03. 10.11.14

A medic treats a wounded fighter of the VSN (Novorossiya Armed Forces).


00 novorossiya. civil war 04. 10.11.14

A civilian emergency response first-aider helps an innocent elderly civilian victim of indiscriminate Uniate terror shelling of non-military areas


00 novorossiya. civil war 05. 10.11.14

A Uniate pig mercenary proudly displaying his papist rosary… the papists want to ram the Unia down the throats of the Orthodox population of Novorossiya… they’re not “buying it”. We should stand behind our co-religionists. Don’t forget… the Anglo Americans support the papist aggressors… they’re not our friends.


00 novorossiya. civil war 06. 10.11.14

This was a street in Novorossiya at the beginning of the war… if anything, people are MORE determined to see things through to the end…


The War of National Liberation in Novorossiya is NOT a “Civil War”… the Spanish Civil War, the Russian Civil War, the Vietnam War, and the Cuban Revolution WERE such… a civil war requires that sections of society square off against one another, one’s geographical location has nothing to do with the matter. In Novorossiya, like the American War of Secession, it isn’t a civil war, it’s a war of liberation by a region against a central government. This isn’t a war between one people… it’s a war of two peoples artificially rammed together by outsiders. Novorossiya has never been “Ukrainian”… its people have never been “Ukrainian”… their land was never contaminated by Polish papist occupiers and their apostate Unia. The Uniates lie… but they have the ear of the Vatican and of certain elements in the USA. Remember how Ted Cruz spat on Arab Christians? Most of them are Orthodox, as we are! If you think that the Republicans support our ancestral Motherland and Faith, do think again. The Democrats aren’t much better, but they’re not as bad.

The US Republican Party wants to throttle Novorossiya for the sake of filthy lucre for Americans and for the sake of papist aggrandisement (the Vatican sics its Uniate attack dogs on us). If you’re left in political orientation, you’ll support the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya. If you’re an Orthodox Christian, you’ll support the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya. If you’re a decent human being of whatever political stripe or religious affiliation (or none), you’ll support the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya. Only amoral filth support the notional “Ukraine”, the Uniates, and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. You may choose good (Novorossiya) or you may choose evil (“the Ukraine”)… choose well…



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