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Friday, 14 November 2014

14 November 2014. Videos. “I’ll Avenge My Granddaughter and My Wife!” Results of Uniate Pig Bombardment of Innocent Orthodox Civilians

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I need say nothing. The Uniates and schismatics are being their murderous selves… reflect on the fact that, as institutions, “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” support the Uniate junta that does this wholeheartedly. The “silent majority” says nothing… they allow feral gangsters to run their “churches”… if one could call them such after their institutional support of the junta’s rapine and violence in Novorossiya, which wishes to be free of Uniate exploitation and interference. They promote a rancid racist hatred of Russians, Holy Rus, and the Russity (Solzhenitsyn’s term)… and the Roman Catholic Church and the US Republican Party slobber their vacuous approval of it all! SOME PRO-LIFE, I’d say…

There is a war of national liberation in Novorossiya, NOT a civil war. The Catholics are putting all their resources behind the Uniate thugs. We Orthodox should stand up for our coreligionists in Novorossiya. We shouldn’t hate… we shouldn’t strike out blindly… but we shouldn’t keep silent, either. Truth, justice, and rightness are on our side. After all, who invaded whom? Novorossiya didn’t invade the Uniate hillbilly backwaters… the Uniate hillbillies attacked Novorossiya! They know that their “Ukraine” is a basket-case without the production and brains of the Donbass… the Uniates would have to shut down many of their institutions in Lvov! They’ve been leeching off productive Orthodox people in the Donbass for years… since “independence”, in fact.

This is the true face of the Unia. Ugly, ain’t it? If you’re Orthodox… stand up! It’s 1612 and we need to avenge the wrongs. Don’t hate… don’t lash out at Uniates and schismatics (don’t sink to their level)… but do stand up and DEFEND THE RIGHT.

God wills it…



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