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Saturday, 15 November 2014

15 November 2014. Uniate Filth Suspend European Convention on Human Rights

00 novorossiya. civil war 05. 10.11.14

Uniate terrorist with rosary… They make al-Qaeda look like a Sunday School…


The Uniate junta just suspended the European Convention on Human Rights. If you needed proof that the Uniates and schismatics are nothing but illegitimate common criminals and terrorists, this is it. Note well that the US Republican Party and Interventionist Democrats slobber their approval of this openly Nazi action. To stand for the junta is to stand for Antichrist, there is no other way of putting it. The junta states it intends to target and murder innocents. The Unia stands exposed as evil and anti-Christian. Do act accordingly.

I’ll be without a proper machine until Thursday. Until then, I’ll only post on important stories such as this one, as posting using a tablet is like playing the piano with oven mitts on. However, this is a big one, it proves to all the very criminal nature of the Unia. It’s sad to report, but it shows the fanaticism of the Uniates. No decent person can have anything to do with such inhumanity and barbarity. Let God see and judge…



15 November 2014. Sick Computer!

00 sick car cartoon. 31.01.14


I’m doing this on a tablet, as my main machine is oopso, crank, and out of sorts… I’ll have to hie myself to the lair of the local geeks later this morning.


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