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Friday, 21 November 2014

Coal Shortage Looming in the Ukraine

01 russian coal mine


Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuri Zyukov said in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Главком (Glavkom: Commander-in-Chief) that there’s a critical situation regarding the coal supplies available. On the eve of winter, the Ukraine doesn’t have the required minimum monthly coal reserves of 3.1 million tons. Thus, on the morning of 19 November, two out of ten Ukrainian thermal power plants only have enough coal left for a few more days. He said, “Did you know that the Zmievskoi TPP has 30,000 tons left, and the Tripolskoi TPP has 50,000 tons left? That is, the stock will only last for a few more days. In fact, now, we’re scraping the bottom. That’s why we needed coal from South Africa… we needed coal reserves”. He pointed up that normal consumption dictated that TPPs have to have a minimum of 3-3.1 million tons of coal in their stockpiles… about a month’s supply, warning, “It’d be better if we had more. However, this is a minimum below which it’s impossible to operate. We don’t have it. What’ll happen if there’s some glitch with the railroad, with customs clearance, or weather conditions, or with the military situation, or with something else? It could be anything… the TPPs would grind to a halt, and there’d be an energy shortage”. As of today, Zyukov believes that there are three options for buying coal, firstly, from Ukrainian state-owned enterprises, secondly, through open bidding in coal-exporting countries… and finally, buying it from Russia. He noted, “We purchase gas from Russia, so, we could buy coal from Russia. Again, nuclear fuel, we buy it there. We’re tied into their system”. Of course, many Ukrainian politicians and officials, including P A Poroshenko and A P Yatsenyuk, declared in public speeches that there’s a war with Russia in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts (sic). However, no one’s issued an official declaration of war against Russia.

20 November 2014




For 23 years, the Uniates leeched off Russia, whilst calling us every filthy name in the book. At the same time, the oligarchs stole the country blind. As long as the Uniates got a cut to subsidise their opium dreams in Galicia, they didn’t care if the country went into the shitter. Today, the great shipyards at Nikolaev, the pride of the USSR, are either closed or they produce crude stoves for the notional Ukrainian “armed forces”. I shit you not. The Uniates and oligarchs raped the country and picked it clean… and blamed it on V F Yanukovich! The word on the street in Kiev is, “The Rabbit (Yatsenyuk) shits in a solid-gold toilet”… somehow, I think that means that his popularity is none too high. What with utility rates up 300 percent in Kiev and announcements that government employees won’t get paid in December… if you think that the Uniate junta has a future, you’re smokin’ good-ass weed, and I want to know where you got it…

One last thing… the Ukraine is now importing coal from South Africa and Australia. That means that the Donbass mines are in patriot hands. How long must this charade go on?



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