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Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. A Blast from the Past… Metropolia Memories… Ohio Clergy and Vladyki Irinei Bekish

00 metropolia 01. Ohio clergy. 23.11.14

Ohio Metropolia clergy… Revs Rozdesky, Prislopsky, Lilokovich, Dziama, Rachko, Waschak, and Kapral


00 metropolia 02. Metr Irinei Bekish. 23.11.14

Metropolitan Irinei Bekish


00 metropolia 03. Metr Irinei Bekish. 23.11.14

Metropolitan Irinei Bekish


A link to a happier and different time… but it wasn’t perfect! However, Metropolitans Anastassy Gribanovsky and Leonty Turkevich kept the peace and kept the gnarly shit down. Can we recapture the mindset? Can we build a united Church? I’d say so… and our forebears would’ve urged it, too. That they may be as one…



23 November 2014. Veteran’s Day in the Big Apple… Fr Dan from PA is a Vet, Too!

00 veteran's day 11 november 2014 01. 23.11.14


00 veteran's day 11 november 2014 02. 23.11.14


00 veteran's day 11 november 2014 03. 23.11.14


Hug a vet today! They weren’t responsible for any gnarly political shit. They were blameless… they put their lives on the line. This is what honour is all about. Therefore… how can those who avoided service know the meaning of honour and character? Good question, ain’t it? Honour those who “did the right thing”… as for the others… we needn’t go on, do we? Pour ’em all a slug of the GOOD stuff…



23 November 2014. RIA Infographics. Results of the Independence Poll in Catalonia

00 Catalan referendum. 23.11.14


00 RIA Infographics. Catalan Independence Results. 2014


On Sunday, Catalunya held a survey of its population on whether it should be independent or autonomous. Earlier, the Spanish government and some Catalan political factions declared the vote illegal and urged citizens not to participate in it. Nevertheless, more than two million people turned out to vote. Catalans were asked two questions:

  • “Do you want to Catalunya became a state?”
  • “If so, do you want it to be an independent state?”

After counting all the ballots, for complete independence from Spain in favour. 1,861,753 voters (80.76 percent) answered “yes” to the first question, 232,182 voters (10.07 percent) answered “no”. 104,772 (4.54 percent) voters were against Catalan independence. Another 22,466 voters (0.97 percent) wanted Catalunya to be a state, but didn’t answer the second question. The rest of ballots were invalid. The authorities will announce the final results in a few weeks. Some sites will remain open until 25 November, and those who couldn’t vote on Sunday, will have a chance to vote later. Spanish authorities declared the poll in Catalunya illegal, so, it’ll have no legal force.

10 November 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



23 November 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Russian Beauty” Competition in Moscow

00 Russian Beauty competition. 23.11.14


The 20th Russian Beauty Competition took place at the Moscow State Musical Folklore Theater. These sure aren’t the stereotypical Russian women, are they?


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