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Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. THIS is Why I Oppose the Organised “Pro-Life” Movement

00 Nick Anderson. The TRUTH about 'Pro-Lifers'. 2014


I oppose the so-called “Pro-Life Movement” completely and absolutely… it’s nothing of the sort. It’s hypocritical snake-oil of the worst possible sort. Both HH and Pope Francisco DEMAND that opposition to abortion has to also include a comprehensive social safety-net, otherwise, it’s noxious and corrosive humbuggery of the worst-possible variety. The US Republican Party is for capital punishment, long imprisonment as the option of first resort, perpetual warfare in foreign parts, totalitarian domestic policing, and enshrining rabid Evangelical radical sectarian nonsense in the law. Ergo, they’re not Pro-Life at all, to use Cardinal Bernardin’s definition of the “seamless garment”. Anti-abortion as advocated by American Republicans isn’t Pro-Life… that’s that.

One last thing… Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, as a matter of routine, commuted all death sentences, save for crimes against the state. Rick Perry does not. Who’s the Christian, and who’s the REAL conservative (American “conservatives” are just a different species of Liberal… fancy that)? Meaty bone to gnaw upon, isn’t it?



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