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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year is On Its Way… Do Ded Moroz and Snegurochka KNOW Where YOUR House Is? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know…

00 New Year 01. The Littlest Hussar. 31.12.14


00 New Year 02. The Littlest Lamb. 31.12.14


At midnight tonight, it’s NEW YEAR! It’ll be 2015, kids… I’ll be 61 in April. I’ve made it this far, I’ve a good run of innings ahead… after all, only the good die young! Pass the jug and cheer! Get ready… it’s almost here!



Hammond, Anonymous, and the FBI

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Always ask, “Cui bono (Who benefits)?” It leads you to INTERESTING places. Stratfor’s not a serious intel outlet… it’s a mouthpiece for American domestic political interests. That’s that…


Jailed hacker Jeremy Hammond is one year into a 10-year sentence for hacking into the Stratfor intelligence (sic) company’s website. Like any idealist, he did it to “expose the truth“, but the truth behind his imprisonment is anything but a simple matter. According to leaked documents, Hammond was one of many hacktivists provided targets by an FBI informerI informer. Reportedly, not only did the informer instruct hackers like Hammond to hack sites like Stratfor to check for vulnerabilities, but the FBI collaborator also directed Anonymous and others to target no fewer than 30 foreign government websites. Hammond’s stiff sentence was a reaction to the national security threat he allegedly posed, but what about those who were pulling the strings in the first place?

29 December 2014




01 Art of Money Getting



Stratfor is an overrated commercial operation… it isn’t an intelligence agency of any sort. No group of less than 200 employees is a serious intel operation, full stop. It shows the ignorance of those who tout and use it. It’s a fave of such ignoranuses as Ted Cruz, Bob Martinez, and Marco Rubio… along with most of the American business community. Barron’s calls it the “Shadow CIA”… which gives you the measure of Barron’s! It sure doesn’t speak highly of the intelligence of the Affluent Effluent, does it?

Stratfor is a pet of loudmouth Tea Party interests… unconfirmed low-level District sources tell me that GOP staffers give it access to government classified data. I don’t know how righteous that buzz is, but it does fit the Righties and their MO. You see, if Stratfor fucks up, they can deny that Langley had anything to do with it. That is, if you follow this model, Stratfor doesn’t produce any intel of its own (it simply lacks the capability), but it does “leak” intel given to it by sympathetic Republicans (most of its published material comes from “open sources”… as does most intel, by the way… the conclusions are predigested pabulum pretested for salability, not veracity). Its conclusions are no better than mine (or any other source’s) are… they have no technical or HUMINT assets, so, connect the dots. They’re nothing but a mouthpiece for retrograde political interests, who gull the idiotic into paying for their services (they’re worthy successors of P T Barnum and “There’s a sucker born a minute and two born to take ‘im”).

Probably, Hammond got the drop big-time for stumbling onto stuff that incriminated high-level GOP filth (perhaps, e-mails linking GOP figures to intel leaked to Stratfor)… so, they saw to it that he got serious slam time for it. After all, the GOP didn’t scruple at putting Ethel Rosenberg in the hot seat even though she was innocent… their history isn’t the best, is it? We ARE talking about the party of Joe McCarthy…


SYRIZA Surge Discombobulates Rabid Right… Look for Taki and Dreher to Issue Baldfaced Lies

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Euroised Greece. 2012


Read this. The right is shitting bricks in fright. Look for Taki and his pal Dreher to issue lies in favour of the neofascist Golden Dawn stormtroopers. However, does that surprise you? The Republicans supported Nazis after World War II, as they hated the left so much (everyone knows how they protected Galician, Latvian, and Estonian SS murderers). Today, they support neofascist juntas in Croatia, Bosnia, Latvia, and Estonia, and they support the Uniate neofascist pigs in the Ukraine. Dreher is supposedly Orthodox, but like California Fats and Potapov, he supports the enemies of the Rodina. The American Conservative is an unashamed Far Right crapitalist rag that defends the Affluent Effluent… it has Taki on its staff… he’s the epitome of the lazy parasite who’s never done a day’s worth of honest labour in his life.

SYRIZA scares the right shitless. By the way, it wouldn’t interfere in the internal life of the Church the way that Golden Dawn would. Dreher and Taki speak well of Golden Dawn… fancy that…


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Yakunin Dies… Beloved Mascot of the Western Neoliberals… an Unrepentant Schismatic

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. The Church Never Involves Itself in Politics. 2012

THIS is why Yakunin ended outside the Church… he forgot that the Church isn’t a political party… the konvertsy are making the same mistake...


Read this. All of the pro-Western poseurs and the konvertsy slobbered over Yakunin. He got too full of himself and made all sorts of oddbod accusations about clergy that he didn’t like (obviously, he blamed them for his imprisonment). As I said, the American Republicans and Orthodox konvertsy drooled over him… as did the SVS pseudo-intellectuals. As for me, I’m not happy over this turn of events. I do hope that he repented before he died… as for schadenfreude, that’s not appropriate for decent people. The Church isn’t a political party… full stop. All those who wish to turn it into such (like Paffso and Moriak) are wrong and we must oppose them with all of our powers. Beware “Pro-Life” and “family values”… more evil creeps in under those rubrics than any other. Not all that glitters is gold… have a care, there be worthless brass in circulation.


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