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Thursday, 4 December 2014

4 December 2014. Republicans Turn US House of Representatives into “House of Shame”… Condemn “Russian Aggression” and Give Apache Sacred Land to Godless Developers

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Read this and this. Let’s not waste our time. This is proof that the US Republican Party is godless and without shame. No Orthodox Christian can vote for such nor should we even associate with such depraved filth. They attack our ancestral Motherland and Faith… not only does this resolution testify to that, do recall how Ted Cruz recently spat on Arab Orthodox leaders. If Orthodox have anything to do with such theomachistic shits, we should shun and ostracise them. After this, I’d say that all Orthodox who belong to the Republican Party should leave it. The anti-Russia resolution shows the anti-Orthodox mindset of the GOP, whilst the rape of the Apache sacred land shows that they have contempt for all religion (they’d sell their mothers’ graves if they’d profit on it!). I’d say that you can worship Almighty God and honour decency, or you can worship the Almighty Dollar and stand for naked sinful greed. It shows that the Republicans’ so-called “Pro-Life” platform is a sham, a figleaf to cover their undisguised covetousness and Know-Nothing hatred of other cultures. Pro-Life? I’d think NOT! Don’t you get taken in, either! Orthodoxy or the Republican Party… which do YOU stand for? You can’t stand for both!

This gives you the full measure of Victor Potapov, JP, Terry Mattingly, Alexander Webster, Lyonyo Kishkovsky (and his daughter Sofia), S A Schmemann, Rod Dreher, John Whiteford, and Darrell Issa. I don’t believe that any of them are repentant (indeed, they see themselves as shining white knights), nor do I expect any of them to deviate from their course. Do act accordingly…



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