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Friday, 5 December 2014

Reuters Clueless on Baptism of Rus… Godless Bastards Can’t See Its Meaning for ALL of Rus… Not Just Russia

00 Mikhail Shankov. Baptism of Russia. 2003

Baptism of Russia

Mikhail Shankov



Read this. As a group, are the zapadniki taking “stupid pills?” The most pivotal event in Russian history was the Baptism of Grand Prince St Vladimir… we don’t call him ravnoapostol (Equal-to-the-Apostles) for nothing! The fear that oozed out of this is palpable. The Ukraine IS part of Holy Rus… history tells us that. Nothing that the zapadniki can holler will change that. You can attend to reality or you can attend to fairy tales… it’s all up to you. After all, “Kiev IS the Mother of All Russian Cities”.



Magyar Minister-President Orbán Tells McCain to Butt Out and Shut the Fuck Up

00 McCain war chant. 23.04.14


Read this. In Budapest, Magyar Minister-President Viktor Orbán replied to US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), “I won’t be the viceroy commissioned by some foreign state in Hungary”. McCain’s made intemperate comments about Russia (again)… he’s never gotten over being shot down by a Soviet-made SAM in the Vietnam War, even though his shootdown was mostly due to his heedless cowboy recklessness and his misplaced sense of personal invulnerability. Many say that McCain is in the pocket of (and is the lapdog of) his corporate backers as he’s a heedless gambler with huge losses to cover… believe that or not as you will, but McCain does seem to like gambling and hanging out in casinos (the smart word on the street is that he’s a big risk-taker… who’s taken big losses in public). That’s the sort of man making groundless accusations against heads-of-state. As I said, believe McCain or not as you will. As for me… I don’t think that I need complete the thought…


5 December 2014. A Russian Take on Ferguson

00 Ferguson MO riot. 05.12.14


Here’s a POV:

There’s VAST support in the Russian media FOR the protesters and against the racist ruling in Ferguson… compare that to the US Media take on the matter! EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW supports Michael Brown and America’s systemic racism sickens them.

Really… I’m so sick of the USA’s hypocrisy and of the White émigré dalliance with the Rabid Right. The OCA has become a totally Americanised navel-gazing sect and the ROCOR seems to have nothing but 19th century answers to 21st century issues. My heart is with the Mother Church. Apparently, the USSR did have a good influence upon people’s attitudes.


Mollard Goes to Sergeyev Posad… Serves Pannikhida for Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger

00 Metr TIkhon Mollard. Moscow. 05.12.14


Read this. Mollard went to Sergeyev Posad today. He wasn’t with HH when HH served Pannikhida for the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger on the sixth anniversary of his passing. Mollard did serve Pannikhida for Patriarch Aleksei at the Trinity-Sergievskaya Lavra. Mollard also venerated the relics of Ss Sergei Radonezhsky, Innokenty Veniaminov, and Maksim Grechsky. HH was busy, but Mollard didn’t take part in any of the patriarchal events… fancy that. Also, note that the MP bishop for the USA accompanies the OCA delegation everywhere. My local sources tell me that HH hates Lyonyo, Tosi, and Jillions, and he wants them watched wherever they go. HH gave the Archbishop of Cyprus more attention than he’s giving Mollard. By the way… HH left Mollard on his own in Moscow… HH left for Kaliningrad on a pastoral visit(!). If nothing else tells you the insignificance of Mollard and the OCA in HH’s eyes, this does. Is Mollard going to meet with VVP or Chairman of the Government Medvedev? On the other hand, did the fact that Mollard & Co intend to kiss the ass of the American Ambassador piss them off? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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