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Saturday, 6 December 2014

6 December 2014. Latest Sitrep Map from Novorossiya… Truce Holding for Nearly Three Months

00 donetsk 02. 03.08.14

“The DNR: A People’s Republic economy without oligarchs or corruption”. The Novorossiya patriots don’t need foreign carpetbaggers… the Uniate junta does. That, dear friend, says it all… one side has patriots, the other has foreigners or lickspittle mercenaries who’ve sold themselves out to outside interests. It proves that no healthy patriotism or love of homeland exists amongst Uniates and schismatics. God do preserve us…


00 sitrep map Novorossiya. 05.12.14


Since 8 September, a truce in the War of Liberation in Novorossiya has held. Yes… there are many violations on the part of the Uniate pigs, but one has to expect that, as they never keep their word (would you trust an apostate’s veracity?). However, on the whole, the truce has held. Why? Firstly, the truce allows the Union of People’s Republics the breathing space to repair major war damage and receive succour from their Russian allies. Yes, there’s sporadic shelling and constant patrol actions, but nothing major. Secondly, the Uniate junta is in disarray… the fact that it named foreign carpetbaggers as Ministers of Health, Finance, and Economics shows that even the Ukrainian political class has abandoned the Uniate junta. Reports keep coming out of massive draft-dodging in junta areas and massive disaffection in the junta forces. As the Ukrainian media is under draconian control more severe than that of the USSR, there’s no way that objective observers can get the truth from junta sources. I’d only say that the Uniates and schismatics glorify the Nazi collaborators of the VOV… they do so openly, so, that means that the US Republican Party spits in the faces of all remaining World War II vets and laughs at them… after all, the USA did fight with the USSR AGAINST the Nazi filth. The history of the US Republican Party since 1946 is clear… it supports former Nazis (and their progeny and those of like ilk) and it kicks leftists (and the memory of the socialist New Deal… which won World War II!) when it can. In short, the Uniate junta is gasping for breath… the only way that it can survive is if the USA backs off… but the Anglo Americans are wilful children who think that they own the world.

The truce is holding, for that is what VVP wants. It’s obvious… Russia will hold back as the Ukraine unravels. The USA can’t use its overwhelming naval superiority, and US air and land forces in-theatre are too weak to hold the Russian forces; they’re only useful as a nuclear tripwire. It’d be a rerun of 2008, but the Russians learned from their errors in that campaign… the USA didn’t. Remember, Russia got a windfall of tons of juicy intel when it captured the American base intact at Gori (the Americans believed their own lies, so, they didn’t skedaddle in time). Persistent reports in Russia say that Russia handed back American special operators on the QT after an abortive attack on the Roki Tunnel (probably, American servicemen got “seconded” to Blackwater to give the US government deniability). That does fit VVP’s MO… he’s not a compulsive gambler like John McCain… he’s not a boastful liar like Ted Cruz (remember his antics at the Arab dinner?)… nor is he a rightwing fanatic like Marco Rubio. VVP is a good example of the Organy… cool, professional, competent, and patient. That’s why the truce is holding. V V Putin is for peace… the US Republicans and Interventionist Democrats are for war.

None dare call it evil…



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