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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

9 December 2014. New Junta Health Minister Doesn’t Even Speak the Local Language!

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Now, I’ve heard it all. The new Uniate junta Health Minister is an American-educated Georgian who doesn’t even speak Surzhik or “Ukrainian” (Galician pidgin). THAT says it all. The USA is ramming its nominees down the junta’s throat… and it doesn’t even protest! The Economics Minister is a Lithuanian neoliberal… an investment banker, which tells you that he’s evil to the bone, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The Finance Minister is a diaspora Galician-American pretending to be a native; she went to the phony “Ukrainian Studies” programme at Harvard. This operation isn’t academic at all… it’s a Langley-financed academic front for intel operations, black and white propaganda, and recruiting. No serious academic study has EVER emerged from it.

This is proof that the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are unpatriotic and opportunistic quislings of the first order… nasty and indecent human beings of the worst possible sort (as their atrocities committed in the VOV and the Novorossiya War of National Liberation prove to all comers). They’re quiet about the junta’s sellout to the USA… just as they acquiesced in the VOV to collaborate with the Nazis, they agree today to collaborate with Langley. I’m thinking in particular of certain loudmouthed “Ukrainians” that I’ve known… I wonder how they rationalise this. Yet, this tells you what the true intentions of the Unia and the Schism are all about. They intend to sell out their homeland to the highest bidder… to hell with the people who live in the “Ukraine”, and to hell with their living standards and quality of life. They have theirs… they’re just like their godless Republican filth backers, aren’t they?

We are living in the final days of the Neoliberal Hell brought about by Slobbering Ronnie and Haggy Maggie. Mistrust all who defend this state of affairs… it only started in the 1980s… it’s NOT “conservative” at all… it’s nothing but radical rightwing anarchy writ large. That’s why no decent human being can even listen to the likes of Rush Limboob, Sarah Palin, or Rod Dreher… they push a demonic agenda that has no relation to Christianity at all (sectarianism isn’t Christian at all… it has no relationship whatsoever with historical Christianity and its beliefs and practises).

We live at a crossroads… which side are YOU on?



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