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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mollard Ends Trip to Russia… Oddest Ad Limina That I’ve Ever Seen

00 Metr TIkhon Mollard. Moscow. 10.12.14


Read this. I’ve never seen such an odd ad limina visit. Whilst he was in Petersburg, Mollard did nothing major. On Monday, HH and Varsonofy blessed a reconstructed church at Tsarkoe Selo. VVP and Lavrov were there… Mollard and his delegation weren’t. HH handed out awards… Mollard and his delegation didn’t get any. Mollard had only one major event in eight days of his visit… the concelebration in Moscow. Otherwise, NOTHING of major import occurred… or, at least, nothing of major import surfaced in media reports. It seemed to underline the insignificance of the OCA… HH left Mollard in Moscow, and went off to Kaliningrad on pastoral business. They kept Mollard out of all major events, except for the singular instance of the Moscow Kremlin concelebration. I’ll bet that the Centre picked up the bill for this. The very lack of reportage suggests that both Yustinian the Poof and Paffhausen the Great were on the agenda. If I had to guess, that’s what I’d think. I’ve never seen the like before… and it may never happen again. Pass the jug… reporting on diaspora Orthodoxy is NEVER boring…



Is Frankie Bag o’ Donuts Taking a Page from the Orthodox Book?

00 Putin and Pope Francisco. 26.11.13


Read this and this. The first is important… it means that the papists are thinking of overturning their hardline position in favour of the more compassionate stance of the Orthodox Church. This means that the konvertsy are completely off the beam. At present, they insist that the Church should jettison its age-old oikonomia and adopt papist-style arid juridical rigidity. Now, the joke’s on them… the papists want to abandon their failed policy and adopt our POV! It does show you the shallow ignorance of those sorts… they really think that the Church and the papists agree on moral issues. We do NOT… we’re in general agreement, but we disagree on many points. For instance, the Church allows artificial birth control, but the konvertsy piss on Christ and His Church by attacking oikonomia. What’ll they do when (not if) Frankie disavows Humanae Vitae… that’ll fry their ice but GOOD. As for the second link… it’s true that compassion trumps proselytism… what’ll the children do when our bishops tell them to grow up and act like real Christians and not like demented sectarians? Now… that bids fair to be INTERESTING…


10 December 2014. The Cabinet Weighs In On Windows 8

00 happy computer family. 11.09.13


My computer was showing some signs of age, so I broke down and picked up a new computer around the Thanksgiving holidays, to be ready in case of a complete system failure. I bought a new HP machine with Windows 7… my computer geeks all told me to avoid Windows 8. Of course, now that I got the new one, my old computer started working just fine. However, I figure that I didn’t waste my money. I’ll just keep my new one in the box until the old one crashes (which it will). Since Windows 7 is harder and harder to find, I think I did the right thing. If my present machine lasts another year, there probably won’t be any more computers with Windows 7 out there by that time. I don’t know anything about computers. I’m just going by what my geeks told me, and I found that Windows 7 is easy to operate for a computer moron like myself!


My Cabinet is UNANIMOUS… everybody (including me) HATES Windows 8. It has all the problems of early Vista… plus some more, for good measure. Remember what Windows 7 is… it’s a revamped and debugged Vista, but they had to call it something else as its early fuckups utterly trashed the Vista brand’s street rep. The buzz has it that the new OS coming out is to Windows 8 what Windows 7 was to Vista… that is, a debugged version that had to have a new name as the old marque is irretrievably in the shitter. Not boring, is it? Pass the jug…


10 December 2014. My Geek Told Me… Windows 8 Has MORE Quirks Than You Thought Of…

sick computer


Just when you thought that you were out of the woods… ANOTHER quirk in Windows 8 surfaces. Apparently, it likes to stick on “shutting down”… if that happens, my geek said to reset the machine by taking the battery in and putting it back in (I know that it sounds stupid, but that’s what they said… what about these things makes sense?), if you can, for in some machines, it’s welded to the motherboard. Another thing that you can do is to hold down the “power” switch for at least 30 seconds (yes, I tried it, it works). Also, sometimes, Eight will screw you up by repeating lines of text. I had this happen yesterday… yowza, one of the Cabinet told me about it. Yes, my geek warned me of that, too. By the way, you can disable that pesky “mousepad” on your machine by hitting “F9”. There sure isn’t a boring time with Windows 8! Have you noticed that INORDINATE number of upgrades to it lately? God willing, they’ll put it to rights… pass the jug, that’s all that you can do!


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