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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Carpetbagger Minister sez Uniate Junta Broke and Bankrupt… I Wonder Where the Money Went… It Went to the Yanks, For Rent!

01 broke


Read this. Look at this shit:

The state, as a matter of fact, is a bankrupt, so, it’s simply unrealistic to expect us to offer real, but not declarative, programmes of motivation. Hence, the main thing now is not to impede businesses, and business will put things at rights.

That’s the mantra of the Republican Party. Look at what it’s gotten America. We’re on the brink on an economic meltdown due to thirty years of coddling and feeding the Affluent Effluent. Anyone who advocates the GOP line opposes decency, humanity, morality, and justice. Keep that in mind as you hear their bleats about “Pro-Life”. They are “of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich”… first, last, and always. “Business will put things right”. Our Lord Christ hung on a cross due to the respectable of His day. I’d observe that the respectable of this day crucify Him anew… and “Christians” applaud it. That’s too much of a muchness and I need to find a place to get sick to get that out of my system. Evil grows in the shadow of the altar… DO bite the coin, for not everything is what it appears to be.



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