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Friday, 12 December 2014

12 December 2014. Sputnik Infographics. Results of UN Vote of Anti-Nazi Resolution Proposed by the Russian Federation

00 Sputnik Infographics. Results of UN Vote of Anti-Nazi Resolution Proposed by the Russian Federation. 2014


Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution fighting the glorification of Nazism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia… 115 out of 193 member states voted for it. Only three members… the USA, the Ukraine, and Canada… opposed the resolution. Another 55 countries, including EU members, abstained.

Writer Bellante: The USA contributed to the emergence of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine

The UN General Assembly resolution expressed “deep concern about the glorification of any form of the Nazi movement, neo-Nazis, and former members of the Waffen-SS, including the construction of monuments and memorials and holding public demonstrations”. It also condemned classifying accomplices of fascism as heroes of national liberation movements and denial of the Holocaust. In addition, the resolution “notes with concern the increase in the number of racist incidents around the world, including the activities of so-called ‘skinhead’ groups, which are responsible for many of these incidents, as well as a surge of violence motivated by racism and xenophobia”.

Experts recognise the growth of radicalism in the Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes that the adoption of the resolution would “send a long-overdue clear signal to certain countries, to urge the strongest possible measures to counter increasingly-frequent attempts to glorify Nazism”.

25 November 2014

Sputnik International




Note who opposed the resolution… the Ukraine, whose Uniate junta glorifies the SS and Nazi collaborators… the USA and Canada, where there’s a large Galician diaspora (better organised than the Russian diaspora, by the way). NO ONE ELSE OPPOSED IT! NO ONE! The Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” protect former Nazis and hold them up as exemplars. That makes these organisations evil… and that’s that. Satan laughs… clueless Uniates don’t realise that their bishops uphold neofascism… will they wake up? I think not… human beings being what they are. Oppose them with all your might… but don’t hate them… otherwise, evil triumphs. Christ has nothing in common with Nazi lovers and their Republican warmonger enablers. ‘Nuff said…



Vladivostok Felon Cat Goes Missing!

00 Dennis the Cat Thief. 30.09.12


On Friday, an airport security official said that the cat who sneaked into a fish shop window display at the airport in Vladivostok and caused 60,000 roubles (1,070 USD. 6,640 Renminbi. 66,900 INR. 1,240 CAD. 1,300 AUD. 865 Euros. 680 UK Pounds) in damages has gone missing. On Thursday, the red cat was caught on CCTV tearing through packaging and treating itself to smoked fish and squid. The CCTV video of the intruder went viral and got more than 600,000 views on YouTube. The official said, “The cat disappeared. We saw it yesterday, but today it’s gone. We have no idea where the cat has come from and where it is now”. He said that its owner could have left the cat at the airport. Probably, they didn’t want to pay for the pet’s ticket.

Meanwhile, Dmitri Kuklachyov, the artistic director of the Moscow Cats Theatre, said he’s ready to repay the damages to the shop and take the cat to the theatre if they found it. He said that they could train the cat to do stunts like stealing sausage from a clown, saying, “We could replace the sausage with fish and the cat would do his job very well”. Kuklachyov and his father Yuri, a legendary animal trainer and clown, founded the Moscow Cats Theatre in 1990.

12 December 2014



Landmark Catholic Report Admits Celibacy Could Cause Child Abuse

01 child abuse


A group of Australian archbishops admitted that obligatory celibacy could’ve contributed to child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, becoming the first-ever Catholic institution to acknowledge the potential link publicly. What used to be mostly voiced by the critics of the church has now been, albeit cautiously, formulated by its leaders. The report, released on Friday by the Truth, Justice, and Healing Council, which includes the Archbishops of Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide, conceded, “Obligatory celibacy may also have contributed to abuse in some circumstances”. The council based its conclusion on two years of research. It held eight hearings, heard testimony from 50 witnesses, and examined 160,000 church documents. According to The Australian, the council’s chief executive, Francis Sullivan, said, “We’ve got to ask the question about whether celibacy was an added and an unbearable strain for some. It doesn’t mean that celibacy needs to be eradicated… let’s not turn the church on its head… but we’re saying you can’t have an honest and open discussion about the future without having an honest and open discussion about celibacy. We’re placing celibacy on the table”. The report says “psychosexual training” for priests could be enough to prevent child abuse in church.

The Australian study is in sharp contrast to American research in 2011, which found no connection between celibacy and child abuse. That report, commissioned by the American Catholic church and carried out by the New-York based John Jay College of Criminal Justice, stated, “The rise in abuse cases was influenced by social factors in society generally”. Critics then questioned if a study commissioned by the church and based on data provided by the church could actually be trusted. The Australian branch is being overwhelmingly self-critical in its report, which focused on what clerics did wrong to let abuse happen. Sullivan said it was important that the church “had the guts” to acknowledge it abused its power, including in dealing with sex scandals. The Australian report said, “Church leaders, over many decades, seemed to turn a blind eye, either instinctively or deliberately, to the abuse happening within their diocese or religious order, protecting the institution, rather than caring for the child”. Victims of child sexual abuse are sceptical that the report can actually change the church’s attitude to the issue, citing previous difficulties in trying to attain justice. Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests told ABC*, “The redress in a lot of cases was absolutely disgraceful and very very devious, and done in such a way to exploit the vulnerability and the damage that survivors had already suffered”.

* Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Ex-Holy See ambassador faces first Vatican child sex abuse trial

UN committee on torture slams Vatican over child sex abuse

2% of Catholic priests are paedophiles: Pope

12 December 2014



Antiochian Orthodox Patriarch Brings Message of Hope and Peace in North Jersey Visit

00 Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch. 28.09.13


For the leader of the worldwide Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, beset by worries over his congregation in the war-torn Middle East, it was a night of simple joy in the church’s North Jersey community. On Wednesday night, Greek Orthodox Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch and all the East celebrated a service at St George Church in Little Falls NJ that drew hundreds of members of the ancient faith from across the region. Eager parishioners, who chanted and held cellphone cameras and video recorders high as he entered the chapel with a throng of clergy, greeted the patriarch… the church’s equivalent of a pope.

During the Vespers, or evening, service… said in English and Arabic… Patriarch Youhanna spoke for about 20 minutes about building unity between the church in the USA and abroad, as well as about peace in the Middle East, notably war-devastated Syria. He said through a translator, “We’re one church, we’re one community, and the distances don’t divide us, don’t separate us. We say to you, ‘We love you’”. According to its website, the Antiochian Orthodox church is the largest Arab Christian church in the world, with about 100,000 members in the USA and Canada. Parishioners hastily arranged the patriarch’s visit, scheduled only a week ago as part of a nearly two-week-long stay in the USA. On Saturday, the patriarch served at the enthronement of Metropolitan Joseph al-Zehlaoui, the new leader of the Englewood NJ-based American archdiocese, who also served with the patriarch at St George. Metropolitan Joseph said, “I’m ready to act, ready to serve you, be with you. I’ll live with you and die with you”.

Rev George Krevorkian, the archdiocese’s hierarchical assistant stated that the patriarch was to meet with national security advisers in the White House today and has a tentative meeting with the US Department of State on Friday to discuss the conflict in Syria, particularly the plight of Arab Christians. The patriarch’s brother, Bishop Boulos al-Yazigi of Aleppo, was one of two church hierarchs kidnapped by Islamic extremists about two years ago.

During his remarks, the patriarch, wearing black vestments and a gold crucifix, asked worshipers to pray for Syria and other Middle Eastern countries torn apart by violence, “We know our homeland is undergoing a very tough situation. We’re still hopeful, in spite of all the difficulty we face. We hope that in this Christmas season, this season will bring peace to the Middle East”. Patriarch Youhanna also spoke repeatedly about his pride in the Little Falls congregation for passing on its faith from generation to generation. St George began in the 1970s, but its original members worshiped for decades before that in Paterson NJ. He said, “We’re proud because, since your ancestors arrived in the USA 150 years ago, the first thing you decided to do was have a church in the community. We’re proud of you, because you carry in your hearts and chests this unshakable faith that holds forever”.

Rev Dimitri Darwich, pastor at St George, said the patriarch’s visit was an honour and a rare occasion for an Antiochian Orthodox church in America. There are two other Antiochian Orthodox churches in New Jersey, in Bergenfield and South Plainfield, but he noted that St George was the venue for the service because it has the largest congregation, with about 500 families. About 40 of those families are recent Syrian refugees whom the church supports with charity, help with immigration paperwork, and in finding jobs.

Darwich said that on Wednesday night, a crowd of about 300 filled the pews and balcony, far fewer than organisers originally anticipated, because a nor’easter dampened the plans of many nearby churches. However, the poor weather didn’t stop people from traveling from as far as Yonkers NY and Bethlehem PA for the special service. Cassia Robert, 17, and her 15-year-old brother, Joseph, called the patriarch’s visit a “grand” event unlike the services of their church in Allentown PA. Julia Kalyoussef, 58, of Clifton NJ, who grew up in Syria and is trying to help her sister immigrate to the USA, said it was important to hear from their leader in a time of crisis, saying, “We’re all looking to him to strengthen us in our beliefs”.

10 December 2014

Jeff Green



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