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Friday, 12 December 2014

12 December 2014. Sputnik Infographics. Results of UN Vote of Anti-Nazi Resolution Proposed by the Russian Federation

00 Sputnik Infographics. Results of UN Vote of Anti-Nazi Resolution Proposed by the Russian Federation. 2014


Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution fighting the glorification of Nazism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia… 115 out of 193 member states voted for it. Only three members… the USA, the Ukraine, and Canada… opposed the resolution. Another 55 countries, including EU members, abstained.

Writer Bellante: The USA contributed to the emergence of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine

The UN General Assembly resolution expressed “deep concern about the glorification of any form of the Nazi movement, neo-Nazis, and former members of the Waffen-SS, including the construction of monuments and memorials and holding public demonstrations”. It also condemned classifying accomplices of fascism as heroes of national liberation movements and denial of the Holocaust. In addition, the resolution “notes with concern the increase in the number of racist incidents around the world, including the activities of so-called ‘skinhead’ groups, which are responsible for many of these incidents, as well as a surge of violence motivated by racism and xenophobia”.

Experts recognise the growth of radicalism in the Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes that the adoption of the resolution would “send a long-overdue clear signal to certain countries, to urge the strongest possible measures to counter increasingly-frequent attempts to glorify Nazism”.

25 November 2014

Sputnik International




Note who opposed the resolution… the Ukraine, whose Uniate junta glorifies the SS and Nazi collaborators… the USA and Canada, where there’s a large Galician diaspora (better organised than the Russian diaspora, by the way). NO ONE ELSE OPPOSED IT! NO ONE! The Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” protect former Nazis and hold them up as exemplars. That makes these organisations evil… and that’s that. Satan laughs… clueless Uniates don’t realise that their bishops uphold neofascism… will they wake up? I think not… human beings being what they are. Oppose them with all your might… but don’t hate them… otherwise, evil triumphs. Christ has nothing in common with Nazi lovers and their Republican warmonger enablers. ‘Nuff said…


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