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Friday, 12 December 2014

Vladivostok Felon Cat Goes Missing!

00 Dennis the Cat Thief. 30.09.12


On Friday, an airport security official said that the cat who sneaked into a fish shop window display at the airport in Vladivostok and caused 60,000 roubles (1,070 USD. 6,640 Renminbi. 66,900 INR. 1,240 CAD. 1,300 AUD. 865 Euros. 680 UK Pounds) in damages has gone missing. On Thursday, the red cat was caught on CCTV tearing through packaging and treating itself to smoked fish and squid. The CCTV video of the intruder went viral and got more than 600,000 views on YouTube. The official said, “The cat disappeared. We saw it yesterday, but today it’s gone. We have no idea where the cat has come from and where it is now”. He said that its owner could have left the cat at the airport. Probably, they didn’t want to pay for the pet’s ticket.

Meanwhile, Dmitri Kuklachyov, the artistic director of the Moscow Cats Theatre, said he’s ready to repay the damages to the shop and take the cat to the theatre if they found it. He said that they could train the cat to do stunts like stealing sausage from a clown, saying, “We could replace the sausage with fish and the cat would do his job very well”. Kuklachyov and his father Yuri, a legendary animal trainer and clown, founded the Moscow Cats Theatre in 1990.

12 December 2014



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