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Sunday, 21 December 2014

21 December 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Godless Rightwing Evangelical Filth DEFEND Torture

00 Torturers Belong in Prison. 05.12


Read this. Here’s something particularly of note:

The sustained zeal devoted by some religious groups against enhanced interrogation of 7-12 years ago seems at best misplaced energy better expended on today’s global and more admirable victims of unalloyed torture.

If you needed proof that the Republican Evangelicals are godless anti-Christian filth… this is it. They support American warmongering throughout the world… they support torture. They support methods that we hung Nazis and Japs for after World War II. I’ve got to find a corner to get sick in… I knew that “Evangelicals” were ignorant brutal barbarians… but this is too much of a muchness.

Orthodox people should reflect that rightwing pigs such as Jonas Paffhausen and Matthias Moriak wanted to ally us with such theomachistic oddbod elements. THIS is what a signature on the so-called “Manhattan Declaration” meant… a support of American violence throughout the world. It wasn’t “Pro-Life” at all. Mistrust the konvertsy… they still want us united with such trash. I’m no moral paragon (I KNOW what sin is on my plate), but I’m no enabler of torture.

Truly, you can’t make up shit like this…





Here’s Why I Wish Certain People “Happy Holidays”

01 Galeries Lafayette Christmas Decoration


If I know that a person is a self-appointed guardian of “Christmas orthodoxy”, I make a point of wishing them “Happy Holidays”… just to annoy them. However, overall, I probably say “Merry Christmas” more often than I say “Happy Holidays”. You see, only self-righteous quibblers on this matter deserve to be annoyed… people who buy into that Fox News nonsense about a “War on Christmas”. There are millions of Americans who aren’t Christians (or aren’t religious at all) who still celebrate Christmas and enjoy the season as much as the next person does. The majority of these people don’t mind it if you wish them “Merry Christmas”, and some of them probably extend the same greetings to other folks. The plain fact of the matter is that the Christmas season and the feelings of good will it generates belong to everyone who wants to embrace them, not just Christians. So, why do some people take offense at any holiday greeting that doesn’t include at least a mention of Christmas? Does a right to observe the occasion require a nod to religion? It’s my guess that the Christmas Nazis, as I call them, figure that they’d get bonus points in the hereafter for having been religiously persnickety about the holiday season.

20 December 2014

Pat Cunningham

Liberal Views  



Either you respect your fellow-man or you don’t. If you want to hate me for advocating “Happy Holidays” in secular contexts, go right ahead. There’s nothing wrong with the secular per se… you’d think from listening to some fanatic “religious hobbyists” that everything’s got to be “religious” or else it’s evil. That’s horse hockey and utter rubbish. If you respect your fellow-man, you’ll use “Happy Holidays” in secular venues… for they may not be religious at all, but they still celebrate the Mid-Winter Holiday. I see nothing wrong in treating secularist people with respect… if you do, there’s something wrong in your POV… indeed, you aren’t following Our Lord Christ’s example… who had the greatest faith in Israel? The pagan centurion (that’s what He said)! Ponder that one…


21 December 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Tchaikovsky Symphony nr 5 Conducted by Honoured Artist of Russia Captain of the First Rank A A Karabanov

00 Aleksei A Karabanov. 21.12.14


P I Tchaikovsky, Symphony nr 5 in E minor, op 64 (St Petersburg State Capella Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


P I Tchaikovsky, Capriccio Italien in A major, op 45 (St Petersburg State Capella Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


P I Tchaikovsky, Elégie (Larghetto elegiaco) from the Serenade for Strings in C major, Op 48 (Mikhailovsky Theatre Orchestra) (A A Karabanov, dirigent)


I just received word from friends in the District that the Know-Nothing Republican filth are thinking of putting cultural figures such as A А Karabanov on the “sanctions list”. For those who don’t know him, he’s the dirigent of the N A Rimsky-Korsakov Central Navy Orchestra… besides being an Honoured Artist of Russia, he’s a Captain of the First Rank in the Navy. Of course, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Ann Coulter, Rush Limboob, Freddy M-G, Rod Dreher, Michelle Bachmann, and John McCain are hardly kulturny in the Russian sense of the term (its closest analogue is civilisé or courtois in French)… they’re all drooling swinishly grasping acolytes of Almighty Mammon and unflagging missionaries of Anglo American non-culture.

Listen to this performance of the Tchaikovsky Symphony nr 5 (my personal fave amongst his oeuvre) and the two shorter Tchaikovsky pieces… realise what the GOP ignoranuses want to do. They want to depress us all to their babbling toddler level. They want to punish all peoples, states, and cultures that won’t bow down before hedonism and gaping materialism (the worst, ironically, are American Radical Sectarians (AKA “Evangelicals”… with all apologies to the REAL Evangelical Church (“Lutherans”))… listen to this fruit of the Orthodox culture and compare it to the meretricious rubbish that issues forth from Nashville and Hollywood… there’s no comparison, is there? Whom would YOU rather honour… Aleksei Alekseyevich or Kim Kardashian and the Dixie Chicks? There’s no competition, is there? As I say, look at the wholesome good fruits of Holy Rus and the rotten noxious fruits of Anglo America… THAT says it all. The Almighty Dollar or Almighty God… that IS the choice…

Are they going to censor the internet, too? We’ll have to see…


Castro sez Cuba Would Stand by its Communist Principles

00 Che. Siempre Presente. Cuba. 21.12.14


00 Cuba. 21.12.14


Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz said that Cuba wouldn’t give up its hard-fought political values. Calling for mutual respect in the new development of relations with the USA, Castro stated that Cuba would continue on the socialist path, speaking to the Cuban National Assembly on Saturday, “In the same way that we’ve never demanded that the USA change its political system, we’d demand respect for ours”.

Expressing gratitude to Barack Obama for his initiative to open a “new chapter” in the two countries’ history by deciding to lift the blockade, Castro emphasised that the US president’s move would in no way influence Cuba to abandon the ideals it’s struggled to uphold for over half a century. He said, “Cuba is a sovereign country, its people determined its path to socialism and expressed their will through its political system, shedding their blood to stand for their national ideals. The USA must respect Cuba’s communist system, even while the two countries work on advancing their relations, for Cuba is ready to dialogue on a range of issues, on terms of mutual respect”.

Castro said that he’d attend the Summit of Americas next year in Panama, which would be the seventh meeting of the 34-nation bloc, with Cuba participating for the first time. Everyone expects that Castro would have further discussions with President Obama at the meeting, although the list of American delegates isn’t yet final. Having reassured the Assembly and the Cuban people that this new political turn wouldn’t lead to Cuba renouncing its ideas, Castro saluted his older brother, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, closing his speech with “Viva, Fidel!” Fidel hasn’t been in public since Washington’s decision to reset diplomatic ties with Havana and the announcement of a prisoner exchange earlier this week.

20 December 2014



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