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Sunday, 21 December 2014

21 December 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Godless Rightwing Evangelical Filth DEFEND Torture

00 Torturers Belong in Prison. 05.12


Read this. Here’s something particularly of note:

The sustained zeal devoted by some religious groups against enhanced interrogation of 7-12 years ago seems at best misplaced energy better expended on today’s global and more admirable victims of unalloyed torture.

If you needed proof that the Republican Evangelicals are godless anti-Christian filth… this is it. They support American warmongering throughout the world… they support torture. They support methods that we hung Nazis and Japs for after World War II. I’ve got to find a corner to get sick in… I knew that “Evangelicals” were ignorant brutal barbarians… but this is too much of a muchness.

Orthodox people should reflect that rightwing pigs such as Jonas Paffhausen and Matthias Moriak wanted to ally us with such theomachistic oddbod elements. THIS is what a signature on the so-called “Manhattan Declaration” meant… a support of American violence throughout the world. It wasn’t “Pro-Life” at all. Mistrust the konvertsy… they still want us united with such trash. I’m no moral paragon (I KNOW what sin is on my plate), but I’m no enabler of torture.

Truly, you can’t make up shit like this…




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