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Monday, 22 December 2014

Sputnik International Presents… There’s Christmas in the Air!

00 christmas 01. tokyo japan. 22.12.14

This past weekend , a traditional pre-Christmas Santa run took place in Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture. Greater Tokyo Area. Kantō Region) JAPAN. Some 500 Tokyo residents dressed as Santa Claus participated in a 2.5-kilometre charity run at a local park.


00 christmas 02. sao paulo brazil. 22.12.14

Vitor Martins from São Paulo (São Paulo State. Southeast Region) BRAZIL has more than 90 percent of his body covered in tattoos, some of them in reference to Christmas. However, that doesn’t prevent him from working as Santa Claus.


00 christmas 03. berlin germany. 22.12.14

One of Berlin’s entertainment agencies hosted an event with a Santa Claus “flying” 98 metres (322 feet) above a hotel in the German capital.


00 christmas 04. milano italy. 22.12.14

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Nativity of Saint Mary in Milano (Milano Province. Lombardia Region) ITALY is the fourth-largest in Europe, after St Peter Basilica in the Vatican, St Paul Cathedral in London, and Seville Cathedral. It’s the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world.


00 christmas 05. las vegas nv usa. 22.12.14

Last weekend, model and television personality Holly Madison dressed as Santa Claus; she appeared at a street performance in Las Vegas (Clark County. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise MSA) NV USA


00 christmas 06. england uk. 22.12.14

A traditional Christmas parade for four-legged Santas was held in Loughborough (Leicestershire. East Midlands Region) ENGLAND UK.


00 christmas 07. sao paulo brazil. 22.12.14In São Paulo (São Paulo State. Southeast Region) BRAZIL, a man wearing a Santa Claus costume rode the metro to celebrate the Christmas season.


00 christmas 08. newry me usa. 22.12.14

Skiers and snowboarders dressed as Santa Claus participated in a charity race down a slope at the River Ski Resort in Newry (Oxford County) ME USA.


00 christmas 09. newry me usa. 22.12.14
According to the event organisers, 250 skiing Santas raised some 3,000 USD (165,000 Roubles. 18,670 Renminbi. 190,000 INR. 3,490 CAD. 3,690 AUD. 2,450 Euros. 1,925 UK Pounds) for charity at the event.


00 christmas 10. seoul rok. 22.12.14
In South Korea, divers dressed in Santa Claus costumes have a tradition of swimming in an aquarium in Seoul before Christmas.


00 christmas 11. 22.12.14
Santa Claus, also known as St Nicholas or Father Christmas, is a cultural figure with legendary, folkloric, and historic origins. In many Western cultures, Santa Claus is believed to bring presents to the homes of good children the night before Christmas.


00 christmas 12. germany. 22.12.14
Some 800 participants dressed as Santa Claus took part in the fourth annual Santa Claus running competition in Michendorf (Kreis Potsdam-Mittelmark. Bundesland Brandenburg) GERMANY.


00 christmas 13. 22.12.14
Generally, depictions of Santa Claus show him as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with white collars and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and a black leather belt and boots. He carries a bag full of gifts for children.


00 christmas 14. reading pa usa. 22.12.14
Local artist Ed Terrel from Reading (Berks County. Philadelphia-Reading-Camden CSA) PA USA created a giant Santa Claus costume. Days before Christmas, the artist put on the costume as he walked through the city streets in the evening.


11 December 2014

Sputnik International



Scammers Purloin 300 Gs Worth of Gold from Clueless Uniate Junta

00 Jesus FLOGS the Bankers. 01.10.14

The Uniates and schismatics bless crapitalistic greed… the Orthodox bless socialistic sharing… fancy that


Read this. This is AFTER the American Uniate carpetbagger took over the Uniate junta’s piggy bank. Looks like the only thing happening is that the USA is continuing to rape the Ukraine using its greedster oligarch pals. Shevchuk blesses crapitalistic greed and rapine… HH blesses socialistic sharing and justice. One of these things is NOT like the other! Lead daubed with gold paint… if that isn’t the archetypical Khokhol joke embodied. It’s downright DUMB…


22 December 2014. Russia Is NOT Going Down the Chute… It Pays Its Bills in Roubles, NOT Dollars, After All

00 Baikonur rocket launch. Russian. 06.04.14


There’s much American-oriented comment on the Net about the current Russian economic situation. It’s all bullshit, horse hockey, and utter moonshine. Well-known journalist and political pundit A A Vasserman let the cat out of the bag:

The cost of oil production in Russia is somewhere around 35 USD (1,960 Roubles. 218 Renminbi. 2,216 INR. 41 CAD. 43 AUD. 29 Euros. 23 UK Pounds)… American shale oil costs about 80 USD (4,450 Roubles. 498 Renminbi. 5,065 INR. 93 CAD. 99 AUD. 66 Euros. 52 UK Pounds) to extract. Therefore, even if the USA leaves the oil and gas market due to falling energy prices, we’d still make a profit. Consequently, even if we assume that the USA is playing this game to harm Russia, it’d be very difficult for the Americans to win it.

The rest of the post is here… there’s not an idle word in it.

Before the American speculator bubble began, the Rouble was trading at about 36 to 1 USD. Today, it trades at 56 to 1 USD. Oil was selling at 110 USD per barrel… today, it sells at 60 USD (3,340 Roubles. 374 Renminbi. 3,800 INR. 70 CAD. 74 AUD. 49 Euros. 39 UK Pounds) per barrel. Previously, Russia received 3,960 Roubles per barrel of oil. Today, Russia realises 3,340 Roubles per barrel of oil… it’s lost about 15 percent of its value. However, the US multinationals now only receive 55 percent of their former income from oil sales. That is, the loss in value is only about 30 percent of the loss suffered by American firms. Taxation on Russian firms is in Roubles… NOT USD. This means that the Russian government hasn’t lost much in the terms of revenue, whereas, the American neocons have lost their main sugar daddy in that American multinationals are now subsidising shale oil and deep-drill oil, both of which can’t make money at current prices! That is, the main victim of the present contretemps is the US Republican Party! It’s another biter bit… payback IS a motherfucker.

That ain’t all… there’s more to come, kids. Firstly, this jumpstarts the Russian import substitution programme. Even without sanctions, the new level of the Rouble means that foreign goods are 60 percent more expensive than previously. If the goods’ quality is on a level, or nearly so, then, price becomes the determining factor in consumer decisions. Under such a situation, Russian goods are much more attractive than their Western analogues. In the short-term, this may lead to an exodus amongst Western-leaning “liberals” (neocons)… they’ll go off to their real spiritual home in the West. It might also lead to a reverse migration from the EU as Russians lose jobs in the present nasty “austerity” atmosphere… such people would work in import substitution industries in Russia.

V V Putin is far wiser than the Western asshats are. He’s laying back… as time goes on, the Western sanctions and currency speculation hurt the West much more than it hurts Russia! The USA simply doesn’t have the means, financial, military, political, and economic to pull down Russia. The level of US/Russian trade wasn’t much to begin with… so, why the sanctions? I think that they were more intended to hurt the EU and pressure them into the TTIP, because the loss of their Russian trade (Langley DID do their homework on this one) would knacker EU economies.

One of the biggest ignoranuses amongst the Western pundits is George Friedman of Stratfor. He got it wrong, mainly, because his outfit is a security consulting firm, NOT an intelligence agency. That is, he comes up with whatever sells, not the truth… why tell the truth? His moronic rightwing American neocon clients wouldn’t accept that. I’ve seen some of his latest statements, and let me tell you, I’d like to know who’s selling him his reefer. It’s DY-NO-MITE shit… if one looks at his “conclusions”… one would think that he lives at 666 Jabberwocky Lane! His take on why the USA entered World War I is laughable… everyone knows that it happened because of Woodrow Wilson’s idealism… it had nothing to do with realpolitik. Wilson wasn’t a Clemenceau… for Friedman to juxtapose two utterly different historical figures speaks poorly of his knowledge (I still like Clemenceau’s, “14 Points! Even the good Lord only had ten!”).

The USA has no ground forces to send to Eastern Europe… only understrength and undertrained reserve units not up to TO&E in equipment and troops are left. The fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with insurgencies in Libya and Yemen, coupled with the occupation of Kosovo, leaves the USA with NADA… NOTHING… NICHEVO. The USA has finite resources. VVP knows this… he knows that the most important thing is NOT to stumble into war as the world did in 1914. He’s a student of history… Ted Cruz, Rod Dreher, Rush Limboob, and Lil’ Mizz Sarah are NOT. Whom do YOU believe? I know where I stand (and I know that you know where I stand)… what about you?



22 December 2014. A Point to Ponder… Why Galician Uniates are “Nationalists” and NOT “Patriots”

00 Bandera scum out! 10.05.14


Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.

Charles de Gaulle


The Galician Uniates scream, “A Knife for the Moskals”… look at the blood-soaked history of the Uniates in the VOV. I rest my case. These misbegotten sorts are spurious “nationalists”, NOT honest “patriots”. A patriot wouldn’t be so quick to resort to the knife… reflect on that.


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