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Thursday, 25 December 2014

“Stop Blaming Everything on Russia”: Descendants of First Wave White Guard Émigrés Address Appeal to EU Leaders

Ilya Glazunov. Christ and Anti-Christ. 1999

Christ and Anti-Christ

Ilya Glaznov



Over 100 descendants of First Wave White Guard Russian nobility residing in the EU addressed European nations with a call to stop irrationally alienating Russia and give an unbiased appraisal to the current Ukrainian crisis. On Thursday, Rossiiskaya Gazeta published an open letter written by Prince Dmitri Shakhovskoy and his wife, Princess Tamara, signed by over 100 people representing the diaspora of the so-called first-wave emigration. Prince Shakhovskoy wrote, “The aggressive hostility that Russia faces now lacks any rationality and the double standard policy simply exceeds all limits. They accuse Russia of all sorts of crimes, they pronounce it guilty a priori and without any evidence, whilst they show other countries surprising leniency, in particular, when human rights are concerned. We can’t put up with daily slander targeting modern Russia, its leaders, and its president, who are slapped with sanctions and smeared with dirt, in contradiction to basic reason”.

The émigrés also said that the fact that European officials and media consistently silenced the facts about the cruel shelling of civilians in the eastern Ukraine conducted by the junta military with support of paramilitary groups brandishing Nazi symbols outraged them. Another disturbing fact was the full blockade of the Donbass region by the Kiev junta, which seeks to destroy a region that it still claims to be part of Ukrainian territory.

The letter stated that junta forces also allow numerous attacks on Russian Orthodox churches, condone acts of violence against it, even extending to murders of priests, destruction of church buildings, and staging repressions against Russian Orthodox believers. It said, “We can’t remain indifferent and silent in the face of planned elimination of the Donbass population, open Russophobia, and hypocritical approaches that contradict the interests of European nations themselves. We hope that the countries that in their time had shown hospitality to our families will again set on the path of reason and impartiality”. {This shows the inner patriotism, spotless honour, and upright character of the families of Tsarist White Guard officers and soldiers: editor}.

Earlier, the RF Federal Assembly suggested that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe launch an international panel to investigate crimes against humanity in Europe, such as the tragedy in Odessa or mass executions of civilians near Donetsk in Novorossiya. The proposal mirrors an address to international organisations, and national parliaments and governments, calling to investigate crimes against civilians in the warzone in Novorossiya, passed by the RF Gosduma in October this year.

25 December 2014




Let’s keep it short and focused. This shows that Victor Potapov, Alexander Webster, Rod Dreher, Jonas Paffhausen, and John Whiteford are traitors who support the enemies of Christ’s Church. All of them should bow before all Russian Orthodox Christians and ask forgiveness for their support of the ravening Republican and godless “Evangelical” enemies of our holy motherland. I’d like to see that. Many other Russian Orthodox people would like to see that. However, if these amoral pigs refuse to do so… I think that you know what I’m saying.

It’s time for all of us in the Russian Orthodox diaspora to rise to defend Holy Rus… it’s our spiritual homeland… our cultural norm and standard. You may have godless Crapitalistic Sectarian Anglo America or you can have Communitarian Orthodox Holy Rus (but all people of all faiths (including secularism) of good will are welcome, make no mistake on that). Shall we have Christ or Anti-Christ? Read the Apocalypse of St John the Theologian… you’d see that the descriptions of the Anti-Christ’s faith are disturbingly close to “Evangelical” notions. Holy Rus must prevail… or a Dark Night, in many diverse ways, will fall down on us all.

Pray for the victory of Holy Orthodoxy and its allies over the godless Anglo American hegemonists (especially, their “Evangelical” attack dogs… that isn’t a religion… it’s an apologia for American Self-Centred Individualism… “Me n’ Jayzuss”, indeed!). We’re Christians… that’s our duty… that’s what we should do. God wills it…



Sputnik International Presents… Christmas Spirit in Every Corner of the World

00 Christmas Spirit 01. Seoul KOREA. 25.12.14

Volunteers clad in Santa Claus costumes throw their hats in the air as they gather to deliver gifts to the poor in downtown Seoul (Seoul National Capital Area) ROK.


00 Christmas Spirit 02. Kaliningrad RUSSIA. 25.12.14

Christmas at St Adalbert of Prague Roman Catholic parish in Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad Oblast. Northwestern Federal District) RF.


00 Christmas Spirit 03. Sydney AUSTRALIA. 25.12.14

British travellers Liam Wadeson (left), Jemma Wild and Ashley Colotta, (right), frolic in the waves as they celebrate Christmas Day at Bondi Beach in Sydney (Sydney Region. New South Wales) AUSTRALIA.


00 Christmas Spirit 04. Nairobi KENYA. 25.12.14

The choir at Shrine of Mary Help of Christian Church sings during Christmas Mass in Nairobi (Nairobi County. Nairobi Metro Area) KENYA.


00 Christmas Spirit 05. Beijing CHINA. 25.12.14

A Chinese man prays during Christmas Eve mass of at the South Cathedral official Catholic church in Beijing (Beijing Municipality) PRC.


00 Christmas Spirit 06. Guiyang CHINA. 25.12.14

Members of a local parachute club wearing Santa Claus costumes fly past residential buildings dropping presents to pedestrians during a promotional event celebrating Christmas in Guiyang (Guizhou Province) PRC.


00 Christmas Spirit 07. Islamabad PAKISTAN. 25.12.14

A Pakistani Christian family gathers around a fire to warm themselves from the evening cold in an alley of a Christian neighbourhood decorated with festive lights for Christmas in Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Area) PAKISTAN.


00 Christmas Spirit 08. Chilpancingo MEXICO. 25.12.14

Men look at a Christmas tree, with pictures of the 43 missing trainee teachers, in the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training Raul Isidro Burgos College in Ayotzinapa, on the outskirts of Chilpancingo de los Bravo (Guerrero) MEXICO.


00 Christmas Spirit 09. Bethlehem PALESTINE. 25.12.14

On Christmas Eve, a Palestinian dressed as Santa Claus holds balloons at Manger Square, outside the Church of the Nativity, traditionally believed by Christians to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem (Bethlehem Governorate) PALESTINE.


00 Christmas Spirit 10. Ahmadabad INDIA. 25.12.14

A man exits an illuminated Church on Christmas Eve in Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad District. Gujarat State) INDIA.


00 Christmas Spirit 11. Moscow RUSSIA. 25.12.14

Archbishop Paolo Pezzi (centre) during Midnight Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal District) RF.


00 Christmas Spirit 12. Mumbai INDIA. 25.12.14

Indian girls pose for photos near decorative statues of Santa Claus outside a church on Christmas in Mumbai (Mumbai City District. Maharashtra State) INDIA.


00 Christmas Spirit 13. Laghman Province AFGHANISTAN. 25.12.14

A US Army soldier from the 3 Cavalry Regiment dressed as Santa Claus greets fellow soldiers eating Christmas lunch at Forward Operating Base Gamberi in Laghman Province of Afghanistan.


00 Christmas Spirit 14. St Peter Basilica VATICAN CITY. 25.12.14

Pope Francisco Bergoglio kissed the statue of baby Jesus as he arrived to lead Christmas Midnight Mass at St Peter Basilica in Vatican City. He prayed for peace in the Ukraine and decried the “brutal persecution” of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria in his traditional Christmas address, known as the Urbi et Orbi (to the city and the world).


Christmas is one of the main Christian holidays. It’s an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, observed as a religious and cultural tradition among billions of people across the world. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many of the world’s nations, and a great number of non-Christian people celebrate it. According to the Gregorian calendar, the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestant churches celebrate Christmas on 25 December. Roman Emperor Theodosius II made the decision to celebrate Christmas on 25 December at the Third Ecumenical Council of Ephesus in 431.

Advent precedes Christmas, which starts four weeks before Christmas. This period is supposed to prepare the faithful the birth of Jesus. The festive customs associated in various countries with Christmas mix pre-Christian, Christian, and secular themes and origins. Popular customs of the holiday include gift giving, completing an Advent calendar, Christmas music and carolling, a special meal, and the display of various Christmas decorations, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and garlands.

Christmas is associated with Santa Claus, also known as also known as St Nicholas and Father Christmas, a cultural figure with legendary, folkloric, and historic origins. In many Western cultures, folklore has it that Santa Claus brings presents to the homes of good children the night before Christmas. According to early Roman Christian traditions, three special liturgies are served on Christmas… a midnight Mass, a Mass at dawn, and a Mass during the day. In the Roman Catholic Church, Christmas celebrations last for eight days, from 25 December to 1 January, a period known as the Octave.

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) tracks Santa Claus when he leaves his official residence in the North Pole and flies around the world in his sleigh. NORAD has tracked Santa’s journey for more than 50 years. As gift-giving and many other Christmas customs involve heightened economic activity, the holiday became a key sales period for retailers and businesses all around the world. Groups and schools often perform Nativity plays and Christmas pageants during the holiday period. They depict the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The tradition dates from the 10th-century Roman Empire.

25 December 2014

Sputnik International


Sputnik International Presents… Christmas Market Spree: Top Seasonal Haunts to Enjoy

00 Christmas Market 01. Strasbourg FRANCE. 25.12.14

The Christmas Market gate in Place Broglie, Strasbourg (Département Bas-Rhin. Région Alsace) FRANCE


00 Christmas Market 02. Edinburgh Scotland. 25.12.14

The Edinburgh Christmas Market at Princes Street, Edinburgh (City of Edinburgh Council Area. Edinburgh Lieutenancy Area) SCOTLAND UK


00 Christmas Market 03. Liseberg SWITZERLAND. 25.12.14

The Christmas Market in Liesberg (Bezirk Laufen/District de Laufon. Canton Basel-Landschaft/Bâle-Campagne) SWITZERLAND


00 Christmas Market 04. Seville SPAIN. 25.12.14

Christmas Market and lights in Sevilla (Sevilla Province. Autonomous Community of Andalucía) SPAIN


00 Christmas Market 05. Moscow RUSSIA. 25.12.14

Entertainers at the opening of the GUM ice skating rink on Red Square in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal Region) RF


00 Christmas Market 06. Köln GERMANY. 25.12.14

The Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) of Köln (Bezirk Köln. Metropolitan Region Rhein-Ruhr. Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen) GERMANY


00 Christmas Market 07. Copenhagen DENMARK. 25.12.14

Christmas in København (Region Hovedstaden) DENMARK


00 Christmas Market 08. Jena GERMANY. 25.12.14

Traditional Christmas Market in Jena (Bezirk Jena. Freistaat Thüringen) GERMANY


00 Christmas Market 09. London ENGLAND UK. 25.12.14

Spitalfields London Market, London (Greater London. London Region) ENGLAND UK


00 Christmas Market 10. Brussels BELGIUM. 25.12.14

An overview of the Christmas Market, Place Sainte-Catherine, Bruxelles/Brussel (Brussels-Capital Region) BELGIUM


16 December 2014

Sputnik International



ITAR-TASS Presents… 3,000 Decorations and a Spruce… the Main Symbol of the New Year in the Moscow Kremlin

00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 01. 25.12.14         

The Main New Year Tree of Russia arrived in the Moscow Kremlin from Ruza Raion of Moscow Oblast. The tree is 31-metres-high (102-feet-high) and 72 centimetres (29 inches) in diameter.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 02. 25.12.14

The tree was about 100-years-old. It came from Dorokhovsky forest district of the Naro-Fominsk branch of “Mosoblles”. In the image above, we see Ruza Raion locals at the cutting down of the New Year Tree.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 03. 25.12.14

For the sixth consecutive year, the main New Year Tree in the Moscow Kremlin came from Moscow Oblast. This custom began in the time of Tsar Pyotr Veliki… the holiday tree came from Moscow Guberniya.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 04. 25.12.14

On 19 December, a special lorry brought the tree to the Moscow Kremlin.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 05. 25.12.14

A special trailer brought the tree the Spassky Gate for its formal entrance into the Kremlin. Because of reconstruction underway at the Spasskaya Tower, they had to rehearse the entry a few days earlier.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 06. 25.12.14

Dressed in a Ded Moroz suit, the driver gave the Moscow Kremlin security a gramota announcing the safe arrival of his cargo.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 07. 25.12.14

700 clusters of decorations are on the outer branches, whilst 500 more are closer to the trunk.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 08. 25.12.14

With about 3.000 decorations, the tree is near the Ivan Veliki Bell Tower.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 09. 25.12.14

The balls cover the tree.


00 2015 New Year Tree Moscow RUSSIA 10. 25.12.14

The LED light garland is 1.5-kilometres-long (0.94-mile-long).


They’ve installed and decorated the main New Year Tree in Russia at Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin. Tree is dressed up according to a new design using 3,000 balls in the colours of the Russian flag. The formal dedication of the Kremlin New Year Tree will be on 26 December, and 5,500 kids from all over Russia received invitations.

25 December 2014



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