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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Luis María Anson: Ordinary Cuban People Suffered Most From American Blockade

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Luis María Anson, one of the most influential Spanish-language journalists the last 50 years, told Sputnik News that the Cuban people definitely were the victims of the American embargo against the island nation. Anson, former director of EFE and the newspaper ABC, founder of the newspaper La Razón newspaper, and member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language since 1996, noted, “Beyond all ideologies and doctrines, there are ordinary men and women. The Cuban people, especially the poor people, suffered from the consequences of the blockade. US President Barack Obama conducted a smart operation without a decision of Congress and Senate. The Cuban régime is agonising. Its days are numbered, considering the age of Fidel and Raúl Castro. When there’s a transition of power, the USA would have an embassy operating in the country. I think that this embassy would get massive financial support”. Anson doesn’t think that the embargo was meaningless, observing, “From a viewpoint of American interests, the result is that Cuban communistic society was an example of beggary for the entire Latin American world. If Cuba prospered, the spread of communism would be inevitable”. He thinks that democracy in Cuba is “inevitable”, saying, “Nations always progress, albeit in a zigzag mode, to freedom, and Cuba would enter a period of an extremely dynamic democratisation. The point is that we need procedures that would be similar to those used in Spain in order avoid social and political violence”.

27 December 2014

Sputnik International


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Germany Attempts to FUCK Greece… Looks Like SYRIZA Might Win an Early Election

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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said that any new Greek government would have to stick to agreements made by its predecessors… comments that come as Greece risks early elections that could bring an anti-bailout opposition party to power. On Monday, the Greek government has a third and final chance to get a new president elected. If it fails, Greece must call early parliamentary elections. SYRIZA, which has said it wants the country’s bailout program renegotiated, leads in polls. On Saturday, Schäuble told the newspaper Bild that he’d continue to support Greece on its “path of hard reforms”, but if Athens chooses another road, “it’d be difficult”. Schäuble said, “New elections won’t change anything about Greece’s debts. Any new government must abide by legal agreements made by its predecessors”.

27 December 2014

Associated Press



Germany is scared shitless that SYRIZA will win and repudiate the agreements made by the present neoliberal pro-Western junta. If Germany attempts to press Greece… Greece will turn to Russia, and, perhaps, join the Eurasian Economic Community. In short, Greece could totally knacker Germany and the USA… there’s nothing that either can do of it short of military intervention. With Western forces tied down in the Persian Gulf and South Asia, there’s nothing left in the store-cupboard.

One last thing… Rod Dreher’s pal Taki is a drooling supporter of the neofascist Golden Dawn… one must assume that Dreher and Pat Buchanan support him in that. In Church terms, a friend told me:

“We can live with SYRIZA… they wouldn’t interfere in the internal life of the Church. However, Golden Dawn WOULD interfere, and the Church doesn’t want that”.

SYRIZA wouldn’t persecute the Church… it WOULD persecute the greedy banksters who’ve fucked over Greece for the USA and the EU. I find that simple justice. I find it interesting that righties applaud jackbooted torturers who squeeze out money for the Affluent Effluent, but that they oppose those who bring dignity to ordinary working folks. You can stand with Dreher, Taki, and Buchanan, and support violent fascists who uphold the bottom-line of American greedsters at the expense of their own people… or you can stand with SYRIZA, support the Greek people, and oppose the American/EU banksters.

The choice is yours…


What’s Behind Communist Plans for Re-Creating Monuments to Stalin?

01 Joseph Stalin Soviet Poster


Whilst Moscow authorities began preparations on instructions from President V V Putin for creating a special monument to victims of political repression, the KPRF pressed for re-establishing monuments to the man who more than anyone else was responsible for setting the machine of reprisals in motion… I V Stalin. Earlier this month, the newspaper Novye Izvestiya reported that the KPRF created on its own or supported the creation of groups of activists for erecting monuments to Stalin at least in eight territories of Russia. In Kirov, the KPRF even launched a fund-raising campaign. Once they collect the money, the regional KPRF office will ask the local authorities for a plot of land. The Communists and their followers advanced similar initiatives for commemorating Stalin in Oryol Oblast, Tula, Tyumen, Vladivostok, Saratov, and other cities,.

Repression in the USSR peaked in 1937-38. Some historians call this period the Great Terror. Over less than two years, the Soviets shot 680,000 “enemies of the people” and another 300,000 died in labour camps. The personality of the Soviet leader of the first half of last century, whose policies claimed millions of Soviet people’s lives, these days, 62 years after his death, still causes turbulent and controversial emotions in society, which remains largely split over the issue. Stalin’s admirers… mostly Communists and leftist and nationalist groups… tend to see him as a historical personality who steered the USSR towards a triumphant victory in World War II. They praise his managerial talent and give him credit for building a major industrialised power. His opponents and critics recall mostly the mass terror against his own people.

Of late, as economic problems in the country keep mounting, speculations about “iron hand rule” and about “another Stalin” have been ever more frequent in the media space. An article on the website of the KPRF Moscow City Committee, timed for the 135th anniversary of Stalin’s birth 21 December noted, “These days, interest in the personality of Stalin in Russia is growing, mostly with the loss of the country’s previous foothold on the world scene and profound economic and social problems inside the country”. KPRF leader G A Zyuganov said at a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the “the leader of peoples”, “Stalin … was a genius. Today, his policy knocks on our door and I hope that the country hears it”. A Levada Centre poll, held on the eve of the 60th anniversary of Stalin’s death, revealed the following changes in public sentiment… those who were generally positive about Stalin’s role in history was up from 27 percent in 1994 to 49 percent in 2013, whilst that of those who offered “generally negative” comments shrank from 47 percent to 32 percent. As for the 19 percent who failed to reply, most were young people having very little idea of their own country’s history.

Sergei Markov, the director of the Political Studies Institute, told TASS, “Many people say that they like Stalin mostly because, for them, he’s largely a synonym for a strong country, of a ruthless struggle against corruption, an architect of a powerful industry with reliance exclusively on internal resources, and, lastly, a symbol of victory in the war with Hitler’s Germany”. In contrast to many of his colleagues Markov, a political scientist whose grandfather, he said, died in a Stalinist labour camp, sees nothing terrible about this trend, observing, “It doesn’t mean that people really want a comeback of Stalin and his policy of repression. In this way, rather, they send a message on what sort of qualities they would like to see in politicians today. It’s a hint to the authorities to adjust their policies accordingly”.

25 December 2014

Lyudmila Aleksandrova



Report of Unprepaid Fuel Supplies to the Ukraine from Russia Was Hackers’ Hoax

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Nadezhda Petruniak, spokesman of the Ukrainian Regional Development Ministry, noted that anonymous hackers attacked their website, posting a hoax that purportedly reported that Russia was going to supply energy to the Ukraine without prepayment, saying, “Apparently, anonymous hackers attacked our website. The ministry hasn’t published any information of this sort either on its own behalf or on behalf of other services or officials”. Petruniak said the Regional Development Ministry didn’t have any information about energy supplies from third countries at its disposal and surely wasn’t in the position to publish it, because it was in the competence of a different ministry. Earlier, the Regional Development Ministry’s website said that Russia agreed to supply fuels to the Ukraine without prepayment. The ministry removed the hoax posting from its website.

27 December 2014



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