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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Luis María Anson: Ordinary Cuban People Suffered Most From American Blockade

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Luis María Anson, one of the most influential Spanish-language journalists the last 50 years, told Sputnik News that the Cuban people definitely were the victims of the American embargo against the island nation. Anson, former director of EFE and the newspaper ABC, founder of the newspaper La Razón newspaper, and member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language since 1996, noted, “Beyond all ideologies and doctrines, there are ordinary men and women. The Cuban people, especially the poor people, suffered from the consequences of the blockade. US President Barack Obama conducted a smart operation without a decision of Congress and Senate. The Cuban régime is agonising. Its days are numbered, considering the age of Fidel and Raúl Castro. When there’s a transition of power, the USA would have an embassy operating in the country. I think that this embassy would get massive financial support”. Anson doesn’t think that the embargo was meaningless, observing, “From a viewpoint of American interests, the result is that Cuban communistic society was an example of beggary for the entire Latin American world. If Cuba prospered, the spread of communism would be inevitable”. He thinks that democracy in Cuba is “inevitable”, saying, “Nations always progress, albeit in a zigzag mode, to freedom, and Cuba would enter a period of an extremely dynamic democratisation. The point is that we need procedures that would be similar to those used in Spain in order avoid social and political violence”.

27 December 2014

Sputnik International


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