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Monday, 29 December 2014

29 December 2014. Happy Snowman on the Russian Wikipedia… He’s NOT on the English Version…

00 happy Russian Wikipedia snowman. 29.12.14


Look at the Happy Snowman that they have up on the Russian Wikipedia. He’s not on the English-language version, sadly enough. Probably, it’s because New Year is a FAR bigger thing in Russia than it is in the USA. I should mention that the Russian Wikipedia is the “go-to” version for anything Russian or anything Orthodox. In the English-language Wikipedia, articles on Russia are marred by vicious lies inserted by “Ukrainians” and US Republicans, and articles on Orthodoxy suffer from being edited by Uniates, cluelesss konvertsy like Whiteford, and partisan elements such as SVS. The Russian version is more objective… its articles on Orthodoxy aren’t written by Uniate apostates, konvertsy fools, or academic poseurs… they’re written by real theologians. If you don’t know Russian, run a machine translation. It’s that much better, kids…



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