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Friday, 2 January 2015

On Russia, Europe, and the USA: New Year Dreams

00 russia 08. Mikhail Khmelko. The Unity of the Russian People. 1951


I’m well past the age when people believe in Ded Moroz and his New Year presents. However, a piece written on the eve of a New Year implies a certain state of wistfulness. More often than not, you can’t change or redo things already done, be they good or bad. This is especially true regarding policies. In particular, the policies of the great powers are usually quite inertial, based on centuries-old historical traditions. Even outbreaks of revolutionary change rarely alter politics as such, except for so-called “Great Revolutions”. By the way, we had one such revolution in Russia’s history.

The Crimea’s reunification with Russia took the world by surprise. Whilst it pleasantly surprised some, this development merely puzzled others. However, it frightened yet another group… the West. I believe that in our country’s recent history (starting from 1991), in terms of importance, one can only compare the Crimean reunification with Russia with Yeltsin’s resignation in 1999. Moreover, for Russian policy as measured on a historical scale, this event, this reunification, was logical and inevitable. Now, if it didn’t happen, then… but now it’s time for my New Year dreams that, of course, can never come to pass… but let’s imagine that they could.

Imagine that the American ruling élite suddenly realised that no one ever issued them a mandate to govern the world. What’s more, they realised that those who seized such a mandate would then lose it… first, its moral aspect, then, the mandate itself. Hence, most importantly, you don’t have to wait for others to seize that mandate from you or for you to become too decrepit to hold on to it. Finally, the American ruling élite would decide to stop meddling in the affairs of foreign civilisations in the rest of the world’s countries. I’m certain that as soon as the USA recalled all its advisors from the Ukraine, and stopped taking sides in the “settlement” of domestic Ukrainian matters and in Russian-Ukrainian relations, the aforementioned settlement (without quotation marks this time) would advance by leaps and bounds. In a few months, we’d restore peace in the region (although it’d take more time to bring prosperity there).

Imagine that Europeans became tired of being Washington’s vassals… they’d understand that their countries no longer needed American military protection, because no one wants to attack Europe. Furthermore, they’d grasp that the greatest threat to European civilisation comes from within, as Europe becomes more and more alienated from its roots. In addition, as soon as Europe (along with the USA) stopped meddling in the other peoples’ affairs, let alone those of whole civilisations, no foreign terrorist would want to sow chaos in European cities.

Imagine that the EU realised that Europe is also comprised of non-EU countries, especially, that a giant country lies in the eastern part of our continent, one that extends across Europe (naturally, not in the form of colonies) into Asia, to the very shores of the Pacific Ocean. Similarly, this country… Russia… has equal rights with Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and London in determining the way of things in the Old World. Moreover, we can only achieve the salvation of European civilisation with Russian help, whilst EU confrontation with Russia means, at best, the weakening of Europe and a way to speed up its demise… demographic, political, moral, and economic. Into the bargain, what if the EU understood that Russia… a state of many countries and nations… is an eastern analogue of the EU? Just as Moscow doesn’t seek to dictate to Paris and Berlin how to do things on the shores of the Loire and Rhine, so should European capitals (along with Washington and Stockholm) refrain from telling Russians what they should and shouldn’t do on the shores of the Volga and Dnepr. The Dnepr, by the way, originates in Russia and runs almost 500 kilometres on Russian territory… Russian people settled on its shores both within and without the boundaries of Russian Federation for thousands of years.

Finally, what if the Western EU understood that Russia as the Eastern EU would never relinquish its sovereignty to anyone… especially not to civilisational-equals such as the USA and the EU? Furthermore, if pro-Western sympathisers within Russia understood this last part, especially as their so called “Westernism” implies necessarily surrendering the Eastern EU’s sovereignty to its Western counterpart, to reshape the former in accordance with so-called “common European standards”…

Imagine that people both within and without Russia understood now absurd it is to treat Russia as a sort of a historically-failed state. How could you consider a country that’s over 1,150 years old… the last 530 of which were times of absolute and continuous independence… a failed state? Moreover, during these five centuries, every time that someone sought to threaten Russia’s independence (such attempts were numerous), Russians would immediately put aside all of their internal feuds and immediately (from a historical point of view) restore their independence. One should keep in mind that there are very few such examples in the world’s history. Likewise, if since 1480 no one managed to destroy Russian sovereignty, no one would definitely be able to achieve such a feat today.

Imagine that a significant portion of our “ruling class” and of the so-called “Moscow élite”, those who tainted themselves with collaborationist thoughts, speeches and actions, realised that they’re not the salt of the earth. That they, just like all those Sigismunds, Karls, Napoleons, and Hitlers, not to mention False Dmitris, wouldn’t be able to buy the support of Russia’s people with jamon, Parmesan, and other “European values”. Not to mention that there’s a shortage of Napoleons in Europe today, although there are Sigismunds aplenty… nevertheless, just like the early 17th century, they won’t be able to defeat Russia.

One other thing (if you dream, you should dream big)… what if Russia’s ruling élite and Moscow’s chattering classes realised that Russian people don’t want “modernisation”, “improvement”, and “Europeanisation” of any kind? Just like any other nation, they’re good in themselves… the great Eurasian power built by these people serves as a testament to its status. The powers-that-be should improve themselves, working tirelessly to preserve their country and its well-being, to show the people that they’re worthy of being called élite. Then, maybe, they’d also understand that Russians love the state precisely because of their mistrust of the ruling class. Additionally, the more the élite promotes Conchita Wurst as a cultural icon instead of Natasha Rostova and Anna Karenina, the more Katerina Izmailovas they’d get.

I could also dream a great many things, but I believe that it’s already clear how greatly the situation in the world would change if at least some of the things mentioned above would come to pass. By the way, just like Europe, Russia suffers from a certain form of haughtiness (which only grows stronger as phony experts both within and without seek to impose an inferiority complex on Russia). According to a saying attributed to several politicians from countries that attempted to invade Russia, “Russia is never as strong as it thinks it is”. This is the nature of our Russian haughtiness… but on the other hand, Russia is never as weak as others think it is. Therefore, as we work to overcome the first, the second will forever remain a historical constant.

29 December 2014

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