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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hundreds of Odessa Residents Honour Memory of Dom Profsoyuzov Arson Victims

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On Friday, a rally to honour the memory of the Dom Profsoyuzov arson victims was held in Odessa. Hundreds of locals gathered on the Kulikovo Pole square near the Dom Profsoyuzov. They cleared the snow, mounted posters with photos of the dead, lit candles, and laid flowers at an improvised memorial. Social activists delivered speeches. They noted that the junta didn’t punish those guilty of the arson. Many of them, despite evident proof of their crime, are at large and live without fear of trial. Besides, those who gathered noted with indignation that official propaganda often portrays the arson as a heroic event carried out by “patriots” who defended the city from “separatists”. The rally participants chanted, “We must bring the criminals to account” and “We won’t forget or forgive!”

Riots occurred in Odessa on 2 May… pro-junta football ultras, Right Sector extremists, and so-called “Maidan Self-Defence” terrorists from Kiev marched in the city. Clashes with anti-junta patriots occurred during the march. The pro-junta radicals set the Dom Profsoyuzov ablaze, where many of the anti-junta patriots gathered, and they trashed a tent camp where patriots were collecting signatures for a referendum calling for federalisation of the Ukrainian state and for making Russian an official state language. The arsonists didn’t allow anyone to leave the burning Dom Profsoyuzov. The fire and the clashes killed at least 48 people and injured 247 more. Another 48 people are missing. Some Ukrainian politicians asserted that the death toll reached 116, but that the Kiev junta continues to conceal the truth. So far, Investigators have failed to identify any of those guilty of the crime.

2 January 2015




To understand this properly, one must understand that the Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate are the legitimate successors of Grand Prince St Vladimir… the Uniates are shameless apostates who left the Church in 1596, and the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” are uncanonical and rebellious renegades who refuse the authority of the legit Church. The legit Orthodox are patriots… they were the victims of the arsonists. The Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are pro-junta terrorists… they perpetrated the arson… just as they perpetrated enormities for the Polish Commonwealth, the Habsburgs, and the Nazis… so, pro-American war crimes aren’t a stretch for them.

No… not all Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are terrorists. However, their hierarchies do support pro-American terrorism and war crimes… their clergy are obliged to support their hierarchy’s complicity in upholding violence and lies. Sad, ain’t it? Yet, bear in mind that the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are indoctrinated in a false history, a false identity, and a false consciousness. It’s a classic illustration of how falsehood puts chains on people (if the truth sets you free… lies put you in a self-imposed prison). DO NOT HATE… however, do NOT be silent in the face of Uniate and schismatic lies. It’s the least that we can do… at least, we don’t face death, as our co-religionists in Novorossiya do. Don’t let their brazen lies about so-called “Stalinist genocide” that never occurred knock you off-balance. Keep it focused…keep it free of hatred… never judge a whole people guilty of the crimes of a group within them… but face the enemy and don’t flinch. That’s our duty…


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