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Sunday, 4 January 2015

4 January 2015. I’ve Broken the 1,000 Barrier in Followers

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. White Rose Leaflet One. 2012


As of today, I’ve got 1,005 followers… that is, I’ve broken the 1,000-follower barrier, so, even if I lose a couple temporarily (such happens), I’ll still be above the barrier. This spurs me on to HEIGHTEN my standards. I’m going to give you the best that I can do… in reporting, in images, in dedication. Remember the two indispensable dicta:

  • You gotta wanna
  • You gotta give a shit

If you can internalise these, all else is commentary. As always, I’m going to cover the usual mixture of Russian Orthodoxy, the Russian World, Leftist Politics, and Decent Humanity. Thanks for the support. Let my right hand wither if I forget that my main task is to SERVE.  Look at the above quote. Isn’t it sad that a quotation that applied to Nazi Germany also applies to Crapitalist-misruled America? Take my hand…


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