Voices from Russia

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 January 2015. It’s Orthodox Christmas Eve… The First Star is Out

00 Cossack Christmas in Volgograd 01. 14.01.14


It’s Orthodox Christmas Eve… tomorrow is Christmas. We’ve set the table… the door is open. Certain Russian Orthodox, from the Far Western regions of Holy Rus, have what they call a “Holy Supper”. All the dishes are non-meat… as there’s fasting until Christmas the next day. When the first star appears in the sky, the meal begins. Traditionally, there’s an odd number of dishes, usually, thirteen, for Christ and the 12 Apostles. Besides that, people set an empty space for any traveller that may happen by. This isn’t common… it’s mostly found in Podkarpatskaya and Malorossiya… but it’s all part of Holy Rus.

The holiday is upon us… s Prazdnikom!



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