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Thursday, 8 January 2015

ITAR-TASS Presents… “Je Suis Charlie!” The World Mourns the Dead of the Paris Terakt

00 Je Suis Charlie 01. 08.01.15

Paris (Département de Paris. Région Île-de-France) FRANCE


00 Je Suis Charlie 02. 08.01.15



00 Je Suis Charlie 03. 08.01.15



00 Je Suis Charlie 04. 08.01.15



00 Je Suis Charlie 05. 08.01.15

Montpellier (Département Hérault. Région Languedoc-Roussillon) FRANCE


00 Je Suis Charlie 06. 08.01.15

Toulouse (Département Haute-Garonne. Région Midi-Pyrénées) FRANCE


00 Je Suis Charlie 07. 08.01.15

Toulouse FRANCE


00 Je Suis Charlie 08. 08.01.15

Washington DC USA


00 Je Suis Charlie 09. 08.01.15

London (Greater London. London Region) ENGLAND UK


00 Je Suis Charlie 10. 08.01.15

Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture. Greater Tokyo Area. Kantō Region) JAPAN


00 Je Suis Charlie 11. 08.01.15

Lausanne/Losanna (District de Lausanne. Canton de Vaud. Romndie) SWITZERLAND


00 Je Suis Charlie 12. 08.01.15Bruxelles/Brussel (Brussels-Capital Region) BELGIUM


00 Je Suis Charlie 13. 08.01.15

Madrid (Community of Madrid) SPAIN


00 Je Suis Charlie 14. 08.01.15

Istanbul (Istanbul Province. Marmara Region) TURKEY


00 Je Suis Charlie 15. 08.01.15

Barcelona (Comarca Barcelonès. Barcelona Province. Autonomous Community of Catalunya) SPAIN


00 Je Suis Charlie 16. 08.01.15

Stockholm (Stockholms Län) SWEDEN


00 Je Suis Charlie 17. 08.01.15

Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro State. Southeast Region) BRAZIL


00 Je Suis Charlie 18. 08.01.15

Los Angeles (Los Angeles County) CA USA


00 Je Suis Charlie 19. 08.01.15

Union Ssquare Park in New York (New York County) NY USA


Worldwide, rallies remembered the memory of those killed in the terrorist attack in Paris on the offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. During the attack, the perps killed 12 people… 10 journalists and 2 policemen, whilst another 11 people suffered injuries. All over the world, people took to the streets with posters stating, “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”). The world community also condemned the terakt*; calling it a “barbaric assault”. President V V Putin expressed his deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims, as well as all Parisians. The French forces deployed additional military units to guard public buildings and patrol the streets. The French authorities have the tragic terakt under investigation.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”… a good short usage that deserves to migrate into English (as did “rendezvous”, “boss”, “skosh”, and “beef”)

Investigation of the terrorist attack in the wording of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Chronicle of events

8 January 2015




This happened at a bad time for the USA (which means that it isn’t a “false flag” Langley op). The only French group poised to profit politically from this is Marine le Pen’s FN… that isn’t to the liking of the Anglo Americans. The French nationalists aren’t anti-Russian… quite the opposite, in fact, as they know their history. In 1814, Tsar Aleksandr Pavlovich dictated a fair and equitable peace, something that the French have never forgotten. A century later, in 1914, Tsar Nikolai Aleksandrovich launched the Russian offensive early, before his forces were ready, to relieve the pressure on the French… this was the main factor in the “Miracle on the Marne”. All educated Frenchmen know this… most ordinary Frenchmen know this, in fact. Ergo, French are far less Russophobic than Anglo Americans, English, or Germans are. There are many deep ties between Russia and France… far more than there are between the Anglosphere and Russia. This terakt takes precedence over the American-fomented events in the Middle East and the Ukraine… in fact, it allows Russia to step in as France’s friend.

As I said, the main domestic winner in this is Marine le Pen… that bids fair to be interesting in the next election. The USA isn’t behind this one… it smells like the KSA and its coddling of extremist Islamist groups (don’t confuse the KSA with the entire Ummahsphere… in like manner, don’t confuse Wahhabism with all of Islam). Watch for the terrorists to turn on the local Muslim population… as they’re forced to go to ground, they’ll demand protection from locals, which they won’t always get, which’ll lead to murder and mayhem, which’ll lead to local Muslims aiding the local government. In short, watch for the terrorists to shit in their own bed…

All that this did was to unite all French people… left and right… Christian and Muslim… socialist and nationalist. No one feels safe as long as ANY terrorists are at large. The Law of Unintended Consequence strikes again… the terrorists will find out that Payback is a Motherfucker.


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