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Thursday, 15 January 2015

15 January 2015. Here’s Why the Western Sanctions WILL Fail… Miserably

00 russian Tu160 strategic bomber. 04.01.15

Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber


00 PLA Chinese aircraft. 04.01.15

Chinese PLAAF fighters


00 sevastopol. russian warship. 23.12.14

Russian warship in Sevastopol… all of America’s opponents since 1945 have lacked major naval forces… which Russia and China possess.


00 russian naval infantry. 04.01.15

Russian naval infantry… the “Black Death”… “Where we go, there’s victory!”


00 russian MiG fighter. 04.01.15

Russian MiG fighter in-air refuelling


00 russian RS18 ICBM. 04.01.15

Russian RS-18 ICBM launch… the RVSN can incinerate the American heartland… which pisses off the toddler Anglos to no end. They’re cowardly bullies who love to strike out, but cry and run away when someone strikes back.


00 russian submarine rostov-na-donu. 04.01.15

Russian submarine Rostov-na-Donu… sailors call this class of modern diesel-electric boats the “Black Hole”… it’s quieter than American nuke boats are, and range isn’t an issue in the Black Sea. These boats are the reason that no American carrier could operate in the Black Sea. 


00 PLA Chinese soldiers. 04.01.15

Chinese PLA soldiers in training… and they vastly outnumber the US Army… I thought that you’d like to know that...


00 russian Su-35 aircraft. 04.01.15

Russian Su-35 fighter


00 russian Topol-M mobile ICBM. 04.01.15

Russian Topol-M mobile ICBM… difficult to take these out in a surprise first strike. As Anglo Americans are inveterate liars (“Winning is the only thing”), Russia has to have serious counterstrike forces to deter American aggression. 


00 russian Tu95MS strategic bomber. 04.01.15

Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber… a standoff air-launched cruise missile carrier. The USA uses B-52s in similar fashion. Still a viable part of the strategic triad (SLBMs/ICBMs/strategic bombers).


American sanctions against Russia will fail… it’s not some minor-ass banana republic… it’s a major continental power on the World Island, immune from Anglosphere naval supremacy. Russia and China are self-sufficient in resources and military technology. Ergo, the American sanctions are blustery bullshit, without real substance. If the USA couldn’t bully Iran and Cuba with sanctions, it’s clear that sanctions against Russia are crackbrained. The USA and Russia are peer powers… the Anglo toddlers forgot that… add in China, and the USA sucks wind. Sorry, Charlie…



15 January 2015. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Russians

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00 Russian watermelon chainsaw. 15.01.14


Here’s why it isn’t wise to mess with Russians. THIS is what they do for shits n’ giggles… take note, Anglos…


Rand Paul Shits on Disability Recipients… Republican Pro-Life Policy at It’s Best (Worst)

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00 Politics. Income Gap. 02.01.14

Rand Paul is a soulless whore for the One Percent… if you agree with him, you agree with objective evil… full stop…


Read this. Rand Paul shows his contempt for those that he finds powerless. THIS is why I’ve come to hate the GOP, its lying “Pro-Life” agenda, and its pro-Greedster policies. Anyone who cheerleads for such is a scumbag, full stop. That’s why I hold the positions of Rod Dreher and John Whiteford in such low regard. They cheer on scumbags who want to rob from Ordinary Joes to enrich the Affluent Effluent. I’m not the only one to find that disgusting. Why do they support those who advocate policies that fly in the face of decency (let alone Christianity)? I don’t know… you’d have to ask them.


15 January 2015. An Update on Fr Tom Hopko’s Health… NOT GOOD, but NOT Life-Threatening

00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. I Was Sick and You Visited Me... 2012


I’ve gotten some intel from several in the Cabinet. It appears that Fr Tom Hopko’s health has taken a slide… it’s NOT life-threatening, but it’s taken a slide down. His heart’s in bad shape, but it appears to be stable. That is, he’s got to take it much more easier than before… his docs prescribed that he use a 24-hour defibrillator vest and he needs in-home health care and monitoring. You can send a card or note… here’s the snail-mail:

Fr Thomas and Anne Hopko
3042 Creek Lane
Ellwood City PA 16117

This Sunday, light a candle for him and ask your priest to mention Fr Tom at the Proskomidi. You don’t have to agree with someone to pray for them. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.


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