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Friday, 16 January 2015

Back by Popular Demand… Fatso Protected Storheim and Brittain… Look at This Picture

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain


Don’t forget that Paffso, Eliel, and Brum were three Gay Caballeros… they were all tight with Podmoshensky and stayed tight with him even after the ROCOR Holy Synod shitcanned him for nasty doings. That alone should disqualify both Brum and Eliel from ANY consideration as bishops. The Church doesn’t need such close confederates of a known perv as bishops. It also doesn’t need close pals of Fatso as bishops… shitbirds of a feather flock together… do you really want a replay of California Fats Redux? Look at the image… Benjamin Peterson and Paffso APPROVED of the HOOMies and their abusive ways… they shielded Izzy Brittain, who copped a plea for kiddie porn. As a priest abroad asked me, “Which of the OCA bishops aren’t queer or sympathise with queers?” Taken the history of Paffso and his pals, I’d say that the OCA would do very well to remove both Eliel and Brum from all consideration as episcopal candidates PERMANENTLY. We don’t need such as bishops… it’d be better to get candidates from abroad. We should follow the Mother Church’s lead… any candidate for a bishop there has to have a kandidatura… that throws out Brum and Eliel, as their education isn’t at the requisite level. Paffso doesn’t have one either… my, my, my… does that mean that he really should voluntarily take the schema and stop being a bishop? Don’t hold your breath… he’s never done the right thing in all of his life… I doubt that he’d start now.

A rum go all ’round… pass the jug… we all need it.



#IlSontHypocrites: Why should Charlie Hebdo Deaths Mean More than Those in Novorossiya?

00 Ya Vanya. Donbass anti-fascist. 16.01.15.jpg-large

I shot down Flight MH17

I killed 4,634 civilians in the Ukraine

But tonight I’ll be in Paris


The Western public justly condemns the murders at Charlie Hebdo, but continues to behave as if Kiev’s terror victims in the Donbass are “subhuman”. On 7 January, masked terrorists massacred the staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in downtown Paris, killing ten. The terrorists also gunned down two police officers (one of them a French Muslim, Ahmed Merabet) in the attack, whilst five more innocents lost their lives during a subsequent hostage standoff at a Parisian kosher store. The police killed three male suspects, while their female accomplice reportedly fled to ISIS-held parts of Syria. The attack was allegedly a reprisal for the magazine’s cartoon covers, condemned as “blasphemous” for mocking Islam and its prophet, Mohammed.

Meanwhile, in [Novorossiya], forces loyal to the NATO-backed junta in Kiev renewed terror bombing of civilians in the Donbass, killing and maiming indiscriminately. Whilst they declared the slain French cartoonists martyrs on the altar of free speech in a social media campaign under the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie), Russophobic propaganda soon hijacked a similar Twitter campaign to raise awareness of civilian deaths in Donbass (#IamVanya). Part of the problem is that free speech isn’t demonstratively a sacred value in the West. The same public in Europe or the USA that proclaims #JeSuisCharlie today, has, in recent years, organised increasingly-frequent public witch hunts in the name of political correctness, targeting individuals whose words or deeds somehow “offended”, from scientists who dared mention IQ (or wear “sexist” shirts) to celebrities and video game producers. In 2009, Charlie Hebdo sacked cartoonist Maurice Sinet (now 80) over one allegedly “anti-Semitic” cartoon. France arrested dozens of people, including the comedian Dieudonné, on charges of “hate speech” in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Meanwhile, using the pretext of the attacks in Paris, the US and British governments pushed for expanding their already extensive surveillance of the public. This despite the fact that the alleged attackers on Charlie Hebdo were known terrorists and under constant surveillance, but were able to carry out the massacre unhindered. There was further hypocrisy at the march for solidarity held on Sunday, 11 January. While more than a million French marched peacefully through Paris to honour the slain, some forty world leaders supposedly led the way. However, raw footage showed them marching separately for a photo-op, separated from the “common folk” by quite a distance and heavy police protection.

Although American pundits were loudest in calling for another “war on terror”, American officials weren’t at the Sunday march. Only the US Ambassador attended the event… President Obama, Vice President Biden, or even top diplomat John Kerry were conspicuously absent. The highest-ranking US official in Paris was Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced his resignation in September 2014. The leaders that did attend weren’t above using the march for their own political purposes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the march, even though the French government asked him not to. Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also attended, but as soon as he returned, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan publicly declared the massacre a French false-flag operation, for which the mayor of the Turkish capital Ankara, İbrahim Melih Gökçek, blamed the Israeli Mossad. Perhaps, the most hypocritical of all was the Kiev junta, whose leader, P A Poroshenko, hastened to Paris to claim he too was a victim of “terrorism”, even as his forces restarted the terror shelling of civilians in the Donbass. Poroshenko paraded before the cameras, dutifully made accusations of yet another “Russian invasion”, again accused Russia of being behind the downing of flight MH17, and begged for money from the West to bail out his bankrupt government, and fund another military expedition against the civilians in the Donbass.

Whilst Poroshenko pretended that his heart bled for French cartoonists, the civilians targeted for extermination by his government were bleeding literally… dozens, including children, died in renewed shelling of Donetsk by the junta military that weekend. Amongst them was a boy of eight named Vanya, who lost his legs, a hand and an eye (Warning: graphic imagery) to Kiev’s “humanitarian” bombs. When critics of the junta’s campaign of artillery terrorism posted news of this on Twitter with the hashtag “#IamVanya” (#Яваня), Russophobic trolls quickly responded with displays of hatred. Hypocrisy is the order of the day in the West. Frenchmen and other “NATO-sphere” subjects are supposed to simultaneously champion free speech and crack down on “offensive” speech; profess love of Islam and endless tolerance, whilst their governments sponsor Islamic terrorists in places like Libya, Syria, Iraq, or the Balkans; and protest the murder of innocents while backing the Kiev’ junta doing precisely that, in the name of… you guessed it… “fighting terrorism”.

Of course, NATO’s puppets in Kiev have the perfectly “rational” explanation why it’s different when they kill… their victims are “subhumans”, as US-backed PM A P Yatsenyuk once put it. The same man, during his visit to Germany just a day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, claimed that Russia “invaded the Ukraine and Germany” in World War II. His German hosts, normally sensitive to pro-Nazi rhetoric, chose to remain silent.

16 January 2015

Nebojša Malić



Greece Backs Russian Decision to Scrap Gas Transit via the Ukraine



On Friday, Dimitris Velanis, a member of the Council of the Greek-Russian Chamber of Trade, told Sputnik that Moscow’s decision to shift gas transit from the Ukraine to Turkey is fair and would be good for Greece, saying, “Russia’s decision to change the gas route to Turkey sounds entirely justified. Stupid and illogical EU politics can’t hold Russia ‘hostage’. Europe has to stop Ukrainian provocations in [the Donbass], and by so doing, guarantee regular gas supplies to Europe. The EU imposed sanctions on Russia that undermine the development of bilateral energy coöperation, but at the same time, it accuses Russia of refusing to supply gas. This is where one can see a double standard in policy; in the end, it’ll boomerang on Europe”. Velanis emphasised that the Greek government is ready “to support any Russian decision about gas supplies to Greece and through Greece to other European countries”. According to Velanis, the Greeks are extremely interested in developing energy coöperation with Russia, as “any child could understand that neither American shale gas, nor the Baku Trans Adriatic pipeline is enough to satisfy European demand for gas”.

In December 2014, President Putin announced that Moscow had to scrap its long-overdue South Stream project, intended to serve as a means of avoiding passage through the Ukraine, citing continued opposition from Brussels. The so-called Turkish Stream is an alternative route that will run under the Black Sea to Turkey and on to Europe, with a gas hub also planned on the Turkish-Greek border. Former Hellenic Parliament Deputy ad current Parliamentary candidate Athanasios Petrakos told Sputnik, “This decision creates a new geopolitical situation. The 50 billion cubic metres of gas per year that’ll accumulate in Turkey’s border with Greece are a great opportunity for Greece to upgrade its geopolitical role”. Petrakos, who is in charge of the leading SYRIZA party’s energy policy, emphasised, “The new government of SYRIZA, after 25 January [parliamentary elections in Greece], will help to upgrade the energy role of Greece and is ready to discuss the splitting of the Hub between Turkey and Greece”. According to Petrakos, with the creation of the dual hub, Greece will become an important factor in supplying Europe with Russian gas.

Greece will hold snap parliamentary elections on 25 January. The Greek parliament failed to elect a president in the third and final round of voting on 29 December 2014, so, it had to dissolve. Polls show that Eurosceptic party SYRIZA is most likely to win the forthcoming vote.

16 January 2015

Sputnik International


16 January 2015. HOOMies/CSB Surface in Alaska… Alaska Police Investigating Real Abuse

00 No Tolerance for Child Abuse. 23.10.12


Here is a new website describing a serious abuse situation in Alaska. For years, there’ve been whispers of abuse about the HOOM/CSB cultists unwisely brought into Orthodoxy. Here’s the proof. I’m not going to waste your time. Click on the link… read it… there’s not an idle word in it. These stinking cultists didn’t change their spots… as far as I’m concerned, we should defrock all former CSB/HOOM “clergy” immediately, for the good of the Church. These people never were”of us”… they never acquired an “Orthodox soul”… they’ve remained cultists in their isolation, mind-control, and clerical abuse of power. READ THE LINK.

One last thing… Paffhausen and Freddie were big-time supporters of these phonies. Draw your own conclusions.



One of the Cabinet reminded me:

One of their most esteemed former members, Archimandrite Gerasim Eliel, is a candidate for the episcopacy in the OCA Diocese of the South!

I’d say that the OCA would be wise to remove his name from the list of candidates; his links to Podmo, Paffso, and the HOOMies make him a very poor risk, indeed…


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