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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Jillions Dumps on Orthodox Ecclesiology Again… Is He Trying to Curry Favour with His Former Uniate Bosses?

00 Pope Francisco meets the Orthodox Grumpy Cat. 08.11.13


Note the latest from John Jillions, everyone’s favourite lickspittle for the Uniates:

The Orthodox Church as it exists today may not live up to its claims as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but there’s no contesting the fact that historically it goes back to the beginning of Christianity.

Remember when the pseudo-intellectual trash at SVS laughed at the Holy Mountain at the instigation of the Uniate phony Taft? Jillions said nothing. This is more of the same. Jillions kissed the pope’s ass as he worked for a Uniate institute up in Canada. Why must we allow this amongst ourselves? The Uniates are the ravening enemies of the Church… look at how Shevchuk supports the neofascists in the “Ukraine”. We really have to give Jillions the drop… if he wants to echo papist rubbish, let him go back to the papists to earn his bread. We’re stupid to allow such Quislings at such sensitive positions. It sure isn’t boring covering the Russian Orthodox diaspora…

The rest of Jillion’s article is here. It’s typical of his gaseous pseudo-elder style.


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