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Saturday, 17 January 2015

DNR Gave Junta Forces 24 Hours to Withdraw from Donetsk Airport

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On Friday, Valentin Matuzenko, a military adviser to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) government, told TASS that they gave junta troops the possibility to withdraw safely from Donetsk Airport within 24 hours, saying, “We opened up a corridor for the Ukrainian military and some took advantage of that. Only the staunchest fanatics are staying. We have no exact information on how many of them are there”. Matuzenko said that the Ukrainian side provoked fighting at the Donetsk Airport, noting, “A mortar shell from their territory hit a DNR munitions depot. It killed our service personnel. This incident triggered fighting”.

On Wednesday 14 January, D V Pushilin, DNR representative in the Contact Group for Peace Settlement in the Ukraine, said that the VSN opened up a corridor so that the junta forces could withdraw from Donetsk Airport. Pushilin emphasised that the DNR did this to avoid casualties, saying, “It wasn’t an operation to squeeze out the Ukrainian troops from the airport, it was a ‘goodwill gesture’ on the part of the DNR. We’re doing our best to save the lives of the Ukrainian military, for we want no casualties, even on their part”.

On Friday, citing the DNR Defence Ministry, the Donetsk News Agency said that all Ukrainian troops withdrew from the Donetsk international airport, “There are no Ukrainian servicemen at the new terminal of the airport. They abandoned their positions and withdrew, seeing no point in further resistance”. On Friday morning, the DNR Defence Ministry said that the VSN had control over the airport.

16 January 2015




Actually, this chaotic situation is common with anything on the neofascist Kiev junta. I think that the men from Malorossiya and other areas left the airport, leaving a hardcore group of diehard Galician Uniate fanatic ignoranuses ready to die for “Ukrainian glory”. The diaspora Galicians will enshrine these loosely-wrapped nutters as heroes and use them as exemplars to instil hate and Russophobia in their kids.

Pass me the jug… the world IS crank, but this is truly too much…


17 January 2015. It’s Time to Stop Coddling Abuse in the Church

00 ALL of our Children are Precious... End Abuse NOW


The recent brouhaha in Alaska over a dippy convert priest abusing kids (the Alaska State Police are investigating… it isn’t allegations) is an all-too-common thing amongst us. This didn’t happen in the old Metropolia days… you didn’t find this amongst the po-nashemu folks or Alaska Natives. However, the Anglos have brought in all sorts of pathology… they claim that they can smell out pervs, but I’d say that their gaydar is FUBAR. Seraphim Storheim did get convicted in a court of law… you can’t deny that. You can’t deny that his scumbag mouthpiece, Jeff Gindin, tried to trash the reputations of Storheim’s victims in court. Note how all the konvertsy jumped to Storheim’s defence. I’d still say that the Church should defrock all “clergy” with HOOM or CSB ties… they’re bad seed.

In like manner, the Church shouldn’t be considering questionable people like Brum or Eliel as bishops. Eliel lacked credentialisation until SVS recently granted him a degree under dubious circumstances (furthermore, anointed him head of the class)… don’t forget Eliel dropped out of GTU with Fatso and Brum. All that Eliel has is an MDiv… not enough education for a bishop. Bishops should have a kandidatura from an Orthodox institution (that’s the MP standard). Brum lacks Orthodox formation… that should eliminate him right from the git-go. To top that, he’s the author of the heretical anti-Orthodox “Brum Doctrine”… that the Metropolitan of the OCA is an absolute tinhorn dictator. That is, Brum never converted in his heart-of-hearts, and he remains papist to the bone. Add in that these two were confederates of such questionable sorts as Paffhausen and Podmoshensky, well, that seals the deal. These idiots are TROUBLE waiting to happen.


Last Sobibór Death Camp Survivor Dies in Russia

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On Thursday, Lyudmila Zakharova, the head of the local Jewish cultural centre, said that the last-known living survivor of the Sobibór death camp died at the age of 92 in Ryazan (Ryazan Oblast. Central Federal District) RF. The burial of Aleksei Vaitsen, who lost all his family in Nazi death camps during World War II, will be on 16 January. Vaitsen took part in the uprising of Sobibór prisoners in 1943, one of the two successful revolts at Nazi death camps. After the war, he appeared as a witness at the trial of Sobibór officers. The Nazis murdered at least 250,000 people in Sobibór, in eastern Poland.

15 January 2015




Russia honours the victims of the Nazi beasts… Ukrainian neofascists honour those who helped the Nazis push Jews in the ovens. Diaspora “Ukrainians” sheltered war criminals and whitewashed their legacy. I call that evil… I’m not alone. The commies brought a few of the Ukrainian guards who served at Sobibór to trial in the USSR. In April 1963, a court in Kiev found ten former Ukrainian guards guilty and sentenced them to death, one of the defendants received 15 years in prison. That’s a major reason the Ukie neofascists hate the USSR and communists… the Sovs hunted down Nazi collaborators who helped in the Holocaust and communists preached (and preach) against the racism of Nazism and neofascism (the Galician collaborators who aided the Holocaust were hardly philo-Semitic). If you support the present Ukrainian junta, you’re a Holocaust Denier… let’s not put too fine a face upon it.

Light a candle in Aleksei’s memory… the fact that he wasn’t a Christian doesn’t matter. You can commemorate whom you will when you light a candle in the church. Say a prayer for the rest of his soul… we’re Christians… that’s what we do.


Czech Journalist Jiří Baťa Sez Yatsenyuk Lied about World War II to Justify Junta’s Disastrous Policy


The Anti-Hitler Coalition… Yatsenyuk’s ”explanation” also attacked the USA, France, and the UK as ”invaders” of Nazi Germany… he didn’t think it through. His ignoranus stupidity is legendary… he and the Anglo Americans are “milk brothers” (he’s on the level of Jen Psaki, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, and Victoria Nuland… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together).


Jiří Baťa, a journalist for the independent Czech news/opinion site Czech Free Press, said that Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk‘s recent “crazy science fiction” claim that the USSR invaded Germany is part of a series of lies aimed at justifying the junta’s disastrous policy. In an opinion piece written earlier this week, he said that since Yatsenyuk and the junta have “surrendered” the Ukraine to the interests of Western politicians, he makes outrageous commentary like that about the Soviets invading Germany in World War II “to justify all the negative and tragic ‘achievements’ of the Ukrainian government (sic) and the president”.

Bat’a noted that the contemporary Ukraine is, without any exaggeration, “in ruins, totally helpless, dependent on foreign subsidies and aid. It’s easier for [the present Ukrainian government (sic)] to invent nonsense, falsehoods, lies, and slander than to stick to argumentation, to facts and reality”. Bat’a argued that the junta would continue to “do anything that might convince Western-oriented citizens of Russia’s hostile intentions, therefore, they’d be able to maintain their pro-Western policies”. Bat’a noted that the junta, under American pressure, has no interest in ending the war in Novorossiya, or in  normalising relations with Russia, all the while continuing to search for reasons to blame Russia and Putin for the present crisis and claiming that Russia wants to conquer the Ukraine. Bat’a said that the junta continues to make accusations even though they “have not had, do not have, and will not have any proof that Russia intends to conquer the Ukraine”. Ultimately, Bat’a said that in re Yatsenyuk, it’s worth taking into consideration “President Zeman’s opinion that Yatsenyuk is a person whose aim is war. However, few can understand what the Ukraine would [stand to] receive out of this war”.

Last week, Yatsenyuk gave an interview to German ARD TV, where he appeared to claim that the USSR had launched World War II by invading Germany, noting, “All of us still clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany”. Even more absurdly, he added, “Nobody has the right to rewrite the results of World War II” and that “President Putin is trying to do exactly this”. Since then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) asked Germany to clarify its official position on Yatsenyuk’s remarks; Berlin replied that the MID should address its questions to Yatsenyuk himself. The German Federal Foreign Office noted, “Nazi Germany during World War II led a terrible war of aggression against the USSR”, but it stated that Yatsenyuk nevertheless had a right to his opinion, to express free speech.

Russian and Ukrainian officials alike criticised Yatsenyuk’s remarks. RF Gosduma Deputy A K Pushkov said that Yatsenyuk’s remarks were a sign that the he “finally gone off his rocker”, and that one can no longer “take him seriously”. Meanwhile, a Minoborony Ukrainy official noted that Yatsenyuk’s “top grade” remarks made him “happy that foreign policy is not within the Prime Minister’s competence according to the constitution”. Since then, a spokesperson for Yatsenyuk said that Yatsenyuk was supposedly referring to the USSR’s occupation of and alleged responsibility for dividing Germany following World War II.

16 January 2015

Sputnik International



Yatsenyuk Rewrites History: “USSR Invaded Germany”

Yatsenyuk: Wall Between Russia, Ukraine to Be Completed Within Four Years

30% of Ukrainians Didn’t Have Money to Pay Their Utility Bills Last Month


Note this:

Yatsenyuk was supposedly referring to the USSR’s occupation of and alleged responsibility for dividing Germany following World War II.

That’s a load of bollocks on stilts. What it means is that the Ukie extremists are trying to put the entire responsibility for the postwar order in Europe on the USSR. That’s crackbrained… FDR, Churchill, and Stalin approved dividing Germany into four occupation zones and the transfer of Eastern German territory to Germany in exchange for Eastern Poland going to the USSR. All four members of the Anti-Hitler Coalition “invaded” Nazi Germany. Note well that Yatsenyuk is silent about the Trawniki Männer and their role in the Holocaust. He’s also silent about the role of Galician Uniate Hiwis in Nazi atrocities. Why is he silent about the Galician SS VOLUNTEER Division and its role in VOV enormities?

The USSR LIBERATED Auschwitz… Western Ukrainian Uniates helped OPERATE it. Which one do you favour? One or the other is evil… I know where I stand on that (note well that Victoria Nuland, a Jew, supports Holocaust Deniers and those who whitewash Nazi collaborators). History records that many Galician Uniate elements collaborated with the Nazis… it records massacres by Galician Uniate OUN members in Volyn… a thousand years will pass, and the guilt of Galician Uniates will NOT diminish… until Galician Uniates, as a group, show repentance for and publicly apologise for their crimes (and publicly disown all collaborators as criminal traitors and blacken their memories and legacies). That hasn’t happened… it won’t… too many in the Galician diaspora are relations of the collaborators and killers. That’s NOT hate speech… it’s simple truth.


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