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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Uniate Junta Pigs Unleash Terror Bombardment on Donetsk

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“Down with the junta!”


On Sunday morning, Valentin Motuzenko, a DNR official, said that junta forces began a massive bombardment on Donetsk from all kinds of weapons. Earlier on Sunday, Ukrainian Presidential (sic) Aide Yuri Birukov wrote on his Facebook page:

Two hours ago the entire group of our military in sector B received an order and opened saturation fire on known positions of the separatists (sic) {the junta terrorists call the Donbass patriots “separatists” and “terrorists” at the behest of their crapitalist American puppet-masters: editor}”.

According to UN data, since mid-April 2014, combat actions between junta forces and the VSN during the attempted repression in Novorossiya claimed over 4,000 lives and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes. The combatants agreed to a ceasefire was at talks mediated by the OSCE on 5 September in Minsk, two days after President V V Putin proposed a plan to settle the Novorossiyan situation. Two weeks later, on 20 September , the Contact Group adopted a memorandum on implementing a ceasefire. The nine-item document included a ban on all weapons, pulling back heavy weapons from the line of engagement, and setting up a buffer zone of 15 kilometres. It also entrusted the OSCE with a task of controlling implementation of the agreements. On 9 December, the parties to the conflict announced “a régime of silence” in the area of combat operations in the Donbass, in an attempt to implement the Minsk accords. Both the illegitimate Kiev junta and the DNR/LNR sides declared their willingness to pull back heavy weapons, to exchange prisoners of war, and to demilitarise the region. On 12 December, the foreign ministers of the “Normandy Quartet” comprising Germany, France, Russia, and the Ukraine held a meeting in Berlin. The ministers noted at the negotiations their readiness to meet in the coming week following the political directors’ meeting as a condition. On Friday, the situation around the Donetsk airport and the failure to agree to an agenda frustrated the Minsk talks of the Contact Group on the Ukraine. Thus, the summit in “the Normandy format” in the Kazakh capital of Astana, scheduled for 15 January, received indefinite postponement.

18 January 2015




You must understand that the Galician Uniate élite never tells the truth… they’ve always been the cat’s paws of Western interests. First, they sucked up to the Poles… then, to the Habsburgs… then, to the Poles again… then, to the Nazis… now, to the Americans. Concurrent with that, they were always willing lickspittle running dogs of the Vatican. They are NOT “Orthodox in Union with the See of Rome”… they’re nothing but Roman Catholics with a funny veneer… they kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass more assiduously and more obsequiously than any ordinary RC (which is why most Orthodox don’t have problems with ordinary RCs… they’re what they are, and they’re going to remain that way).

Look at the history of the Holocaust! The guilt of Uniate Galicia will not lessen for a thousand years… just as Germany’s guilt will not diminish. That doesn’t mean that the current generation is to blame… it means that the actions of a previous generation stand, and that they still blot the national character. At least, the Germans aren’t proud of Nazi enormities… the Galician Uniates ARE proud of the felonious actions of S A Bandera and the OUN terrorists who murdered thousands of Jews, Roma, Russians, Poles, Romanians, Magyars, and Germans… and even Galicians who stood against their fascist nightmare. They were Equal Opportunity racist haters… “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only!” History records that. Also, don’t forget that the Galician Uniate élite supported the Habsburg death camp at Talerhof and snitched on St Maksim Sandovich (murdered as a supposed spy by the Habsburgs at the beginning of World War I).

Nice folks. Never turn your back on them. The decent folks amongst them won’t help you if you run afoul of the feral lot. I don’t know why it’s so… but it is so. Have a care… most of ’em are harmless, but the lot that’s nasty is nasty indeed.


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